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Balenciaga L'Essence
Balenciaga is launching a new fragrance under Balenciaga Paris line. It is called Balenciaga Paris l’Essence. It is a more intense version of the original fragrance, a more intimist approach. Charlotte Gainsbourg is still the timeless beauty of one of the most elegant fashion houses in France.

When Balenciaga launched Le Dix in 1947, the Fashion house started writing its legend in the Fragrance history books. A great fragrance defying time and trends. In 2010, under the impulsion of Nicolas Guesquières artistic guidelines, the Brand launched Balenciaga Paris. A beautiful and elegant fragrance, already a classic somehow. Nicolas Guesquière asked his Muse, Charlotte Gainsbourg, to embody the fragrance line.

Now, one year after the launch of Balenciaga Paris, the Brand is launching a more intense version called L’Essence. It is the essence of Balenciaga, something less institutional and more intimate. According to the creative director, it is a closer look into the fragrance itself, “something closer to Charlotte’s skin”.

Here is an interesting video with Nicolas Guesquières himself explaining the fragrance with the complicity of Charlotte Gainsbourg. As was mentioned in other friend blogs, Nicolas Guesquières speaks about the fragrance as if he did it all. He could have talked about the perfumer, Olivier Polges and also about the photographer, quoted by the interviewer and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

The new fragrance range is a short range focusing for the moment on the Eau de Parfum references. There is nevertheless one special product: the perfumed candle.

The perfumer is Oliver Polges, from IFF. He developed a clean soft and sensuous fragrance with a sort of paradox: intense and subtle at the same time. He revisited a great floral theme of the perfumery history, the ultra-feminine duo of Rose-Violet.

The Photography was done by Steven Meisen. One of the most powerful photographers in the fashion industry, Meisel is credited with “discovering” or promoting the careers of many successful models, including top models Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell or Christy Turlington. He is also a personal friend of Madonna and did the 1984 disc cover Like a Virgin. Just huge! He is very talented to capture the precise moment in which the model is revealing THE authentic emotion. Passionated by women, he also sublime women under his camera objective. We can see on the advertisement the striking look of Charlotte de Gainsbourg. Very impressive.

During these hard financial moments, in which brands are quite wise in terms of investments, we are happy to see that some of them are still pushing things towards beauty, elegance and luxury.

 info sourced at: http://1000fragrances.blogspot.com,