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Every single day, 70% of men go through a particular beauty ritual: shaving. When you need a sharp and clean shave, you should always be very careful about what you choose in terms of products and razors. CHANEL brings today an elegant and efficient solution to help you master the art of shaving, thanks to the BLEU DE CHANEL shaving set.

This beautiful shaving set consists of shaving cream, a shaving brush and a travel pouch. Designed for an overall or precision shave, the shaving cream BLEU DE CHANEL transforms into a fine foam on damp skin. Its translucent texture allows you to see precisely where the blade is placed and to control its path.


I decided to try this new shaving kit as I love shaving. While certain men utilize shaving machines, I prefer a traditional blade as I like the object and the very masculine gesture. Here is my experience in shaving with the new BLEU DE CHANEL shaving kit. The first striking element is the super elegant travel set made of felt in a distinctive navy blue. For Gabrielle Chanel, navy blue is the other colour for elegance. Inside, you can find very modern shaving cream and its shaving brush with its magnetic support.


Before any shaving, you should always make sure your skin is clean and that you exfoliate it regularly with a gentle product. This allows you to access the base of your facial hair and get a sleek result. Before applying the shaving cream, make sure you wash your face with fresh and clean water. The shaving brush by CHANEL is gorgeous and has a soft touch that will make the shaving experience very pleasant.

Place a small amount of the shaving cream on the top of the shaving brush and start “working the cream” on your face skin. This step is crucial for great shaving as it will protect your skin from razor burn. You can easily spend several minutes applying the shaving cream all over the specific areas of your face. Successful shaving requires a consistent and equal distribution of the shaving cream on all your facial skin surface.


What I like about this shaving cream is its translucent aspect. It allows better control of your razor for an immaculate result. The soft texture of the brush makes the experience really pleasant, bringing a certain sensuality to the gesture. Soft and light to the touch, the brush’s synthetic bristles create a fine lather on the skin to prepare it for shaving. Its design offers a comfortable grip for easy handling. Its innovative magnetic stand allows for optimal drying after use. Deep blue in colour and embossed with the CHANEL double-C emblem, its minimalist look is both subtle and elegant. For the experience, I used my personal razor, which is a traditional metal beautiful razor with a double-sided blade.

When used with the shaving brush, the shaving cream-gel texture transforms into a delicate foam that softens facial hair and protects skin from razor burn. It leaves skin feeling soft, supple, fresh and lightly scented with the aromatic-woody notes of BLEU DE CHANEL.


One important detail, if you think you still have facial hair in a specific area of your skin, do not hesitate to apply the shaving brush again so your skin will always remain protected. With a clean shave, you can easily remain 2 to 3 days without shaving again unless you wish to be perfectly shaved. Depending on what I do and who I meet, I usually shave between 2 to 3 times a week. The experience with the new BLEU DE CHANEL shaving kit is very successful, and I can only recommend you try it as well.


With the new BLEU DE CHANEL shaving kit, the modern man can safely shave while travelling abroad or simply at home. The new shaving cream is perfectly adapted to any skin. BLEU DE CHANEL is a fragrance for the man who refuses to blend in with the crowd or play by the rules. Its composition reveals the spirit of someone who chooses his own destiny with determination—an instinctive scent for he who uncompromisingly asserts his freedom.

For the perfect final touch, and after every shaving, you must re-moisturize your skin. You can use the BLEU DE CHANEL After-shave lotion that soothes razor burn. Energising and bracing, it leaves the skin delicately scented. Finish by moisturising your entire face with BLEU DE CHANEL 2-in-1 Moisturizer for Face and Beard. BLEU DE CHANEL 2-in-1 Moisturiser for Face and Beard hydrates the entire face in a single step, leaving the skin moisturised, even under the beard, for 8 hours*. Facial hair is soft and smooth, and absorbs quickly with no sticky sensation and leaves no residue on the beard.
A quick and easy-to-use product, scented with the aromatic-woody accord of BLEU DE CHANEL. For all men, whether they sport a beard, a moustache or a clean shave. CHANEL is the ultimate icon of timeless elegance and modernity. BLEU DE CHANEL is more than a fragrance. It is a true grooming line for men, and you will find the essential products to complete the contemporary gentlemen wardrobe.

José Amorim
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