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After the announcement of the launch of Gabrielle Chanel fragrance, now the French luxury house just revealed the new campaign visual shot by Karim Sadli. The visual features Kristen Stewart, friend of the house and one of the leading faces in Chanel communications this year.

The new CHANEL fragrance named Gabrielle celebrates the extraordinary personality of its founder and conveys a very modern message inviting all young women today to live freely, by and for themselves. Talented actress Kristen Stewart immediately came to mind as the obvious choice to incarnate this courageous, valiant, bold and impassioned femininity. Here is the print campaign visual:


Everything on this new fragrance is to remind the amazing work Chanel does in the Fragrance industry. It has set trends, written down in gold letters the history of fragrances. It is always surprising the fans with amazing stories and uncompromising state of the art creations. Gabrielle Chanel fragrance is all these and much more. The fragrance tells the story of a woman who is determined, courageous and who forges her own destiny. This new creation invites every woman to follow her own path and have faith in who they are. In a world in which women still need to battle for who they are, Chanel brings a positive and strong message without over-selling it with complicate stories.

Later in September, you will discover the new fragrance and the new campaign starring Kristen Stewart. She has been an ambassador for the House of CHANEL since 2013. She has already served as the face of such dedicated campaigns as the Métiers d’Art collections, Paris-Dallas in 2014, Paris to Rome in 2016, and is currently featured in the campaign for the GABRIELLE bag by CHANEL. Kristen Stewart was also the face of the EYES 2016 and 2017 makeup campaigns, as well as the FALL 2016 • LE ROUGE • COLLECTION N°1.

Karim Sadli is an amazing photographer and has a instinctual ability to shoot both fashion and portraiture to consistently modern and elegant effect. His minimalist aesthetic and sophisticated use of lighting bring into sharp relief the natural beauty of his subjects. Sadli’s photographs have been featured in Vogue Paris, British Vogue, American Vogue, W Magazine, i-D, TMagazine, The Gentlewoman and Fantastic Man. We can see that Chanel is looking for a sharp modern eye for this fragrance, balancing modernity and elegance.The choice of Kristen Stewart seems a great evidence as she represents a certain nonconformity nowadays. She is free of her choices without being attached to what others would say. On this attitude she is perfect to be the face of a fragrance called Gabrielle Chanel.

In 2017 CHANEL celebrates Gabrielle, the first name of its founder, better known as Coco Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld has dedicated a bag to her, CHANEL’s GABRIELLE that he created last October for the Spring/Summer 2017 collection. The House will also be launching a fragrance called GABRIELLE CHANEL in the autumn of 2017. Throughout 2017 it will provide the inspiration for four films to be discovered and watched on the Inside CHANEL website, around the themes of rebellion, freedom, passion and allure, values that governed the life of Gabrielle Chanel, and that remain today an inspiration for all women.

The ad campaign film for Gabrielle Chanel fragrance is directed by Ringan Ledwidge and will be released by the end of this year. More to come

José Amorim

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