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In november a new book about Perfumery will be launched. But this time, it will be a master reference. I remember when I was studying at the Fragrance Institute in France, that there was no books. In deed, there were no reference books like we have in many other disciplines. I always wondered why so? Several people, perfumers and consultants mostly, wrote several books about or around the Fragrance industry. But none are considered as references, in the way I would see a school book.

Les Parfums Elisabeth De FeydeauBut things might change hopefully. When I was at school, I had a brilliant teacher for Perfumery history. Her name is Elisabeth De Feydeau and I must say she is one of the most passionate person I know in this industry. She spent all her PHD time in the perfumery archives in Paris and in the south of France. She knows more about the creation of this industry than the ones who built it. Her classes were just amazing and finally she decided to launch a book that we all hope will be THE reference in terms of Perfumery. It is called “LES PARFUMS”, which means FRAGRANCES in french. The launch is programmed in November this year and we all hope it will be translated at least in English. The book will have 3 parts :

– History
The foundations of Perfumery. According to Elisabeth, if you tell the story of Perfumery, you tell the story of humanity. From antiquity to the 18th Century and its encounter with Arts.

– Anthology
Original extracts of exclusive conversations with legendary perfumers such as Jean-Claude Ellena, Serge Lutens or Jacques Polges. Also some interesting texts from the 19th century, so Literature and Perfumery.

– Dictionnary
1001 words from A to Z to describe perfumes. From technical words  to proper names directly linked to the fragrance but also some more unusualentries and anecdotes with a link to the world of smells and perfume.

elisabeth de feydeau
source: Osmoz

So we need to say a big thanks to Ms Elisabeth de Feydeau for this generous work that will definitely be read by all passionate people for Fragrances. We still need a little patience until the launch.

All information sourced on Elisabeth de Feydeau’s blog