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La Prairie will never stop astonishing us. By working with outstanding and rare ingredients such as Platinum, possibilities are endless. Here is the launch of Platinum Rare Cellular Life-Lotion. It is an unparalleled formulation drawn from the source of life that regenerates to rejuvenate. In order to have a skin full of life, your skin needs to be detoxified, renewed… so it will better be able to effectively fulfill its functions for ultimate rejuvenation.

Platinum: Rarity and efficiency in skincare

The main key ingredient is Platinum from the earth’s molten crust. one of earth’s rarest resources recharges skin’s electrical balance and safeguards skin to intercept ageing at its source. Platinum is one of the rarest material in the world. It is a very high valued precious-metal and it gives the inspiration for the creation of this La Prairie collection.  According to La Prairie: “driven by its mission to provide age-defying benefits to the skin, scientists at La Prairie discovered that Platinum helps the skin maintain perfect electrical balance in order to improve hydration, protection, and receptivity to nutrients, transforming the skin to a remarkably ageless state.” The interesting thing about Platinum is that it tends to work in synergy with peptides, vitamins, antioxidants or firming agents. This makes Platinum a great ingredient for a cosmetic product. 


La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Life Lotion – Ultimate indulgence!

The Platinum Rare haute-rejuvenation experience starts with the latest innovation to come from the Swiss laboratories of La Prairie: Platinum Rare Cellular Life-Lotion. A new beginning for your skin, it offers an unparalleled formulation drawn from the source of life. Inspired by the eternal beauty and strength of platinum, it is where haute-rejuvenation begins. The new lotion will provide a strong action at three main levels:

  • Optimum cell functions
  • Cellular energy production
  • Cell protection from internal and external irritants

First, it supports the skin cells’ ability to remove and recycle damaged proteins to ensure proper cellular functions. Second, it helps to recycle damaged mitochondria to ensure appropriate cellular energy levels. Finally, it helps the skin to protect itself against the negative impact of external and internal stress factors by supporting skin’s own network of detoxifying and antioxidant enzymes.


Conceived in deep amethyst tones, each line of the tall, sleek vessel angles into another. Every surface, every facet of the cap is hewn to catch the light in an unexpected and surprising way, like an expertly cut gem. Sculpted with careful attention to symmetry, visual equilibrium and harmony, it reflects the haute-rejuvenation contained within. One interesting feature in this new product is the dispenser opening. The cap has a magnetic closing which is very luxury, surprising and efficient. Then, I was pretty intrigued by the top of the dispenser. The aperture of the flacon is large and the metallic feeling provides a generous yet a precise usage with a luxury hint.

When you apply this lotion to your skin, you will be amazed by its texture. This rich lotion will flow through your skin and blend perfectly as a second skin. From the scent to the texture itself, La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Life-Lotion provides a fantastic feeling. Your skin is well taken care of and you will see the immediate result of a soft touch skin texture. I am really impressed by this texture.


With the launch of this great lotion, La Prairie has edited a new art book called “The Eternity of Platinum”. In this book we can see amazing imagery around the theme of platinum and the product range. We learn a lot about the origins of Platinum and interesting pieces of history.


You can read more details about this amazing product by connecting to the official brand website here:

As the very first step in the haute-rejuvenation skincare ritual, the discreetly iridescent amethyst lotion of Platinum Rare Cellular Life-Lotion glides on as a silky liquid to begin its transformative work. Well done La Prairie!

José Amorim

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