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Yves Saint Laurent Parfums is launching a new fragrance for women called Manifesto. We are not sure to understand everything.

After the arrival (or should I say the return) of Hedi Slimane to Yves Saint Laurent, this is the second time we hear about the Brand. For the launch of its new fragrance for women, Manifesto claims a certain spirit of self-confidence, freedom and creativity.

The concept itself is not new and at Saint Laurent we would probably prefer the total freedom of the Opium woman. What is original here is the game between art, color and femininity.

Manifesto Saint Laurent

There is also an interesting connection between make up and Fragrance, which was already the case with ELLE. In the advertising we can see the American actress Jessica Chastain. We all remember her from her roles in the Tree of Life (Ms O’Brian) and in some TV shows like ER or Veronica Mars.

She represents an elegant vision of the Yves Saint Laurent  woman. A touch of sexiness with a hint of cold control… explosive. Here is the TV ad directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. Danish movie, scenarist and actor, Nicolas Winding Refn is mainly know for the trilogy “Pusher”. He has a clean and artistic “camera signature” and likes to see the bridge between art and cinema.

Here is the making-of, done for Vogue:

Making of Manifesto d’Yves Saint Laurent par VOGUEPARIS

The image is very elegant and well done. It is more the story that seems a little confusing. Too many short cuts that does not give us the essence of it. The first seconds of the ad shows this woman artist living her passion and expressing her emotion into painting. This part is fine as it makes a link to the Opium woman: Experiencing intense emotions in a inner-self attitude. Like it! The music is called “Just because I do” by singer Selah Sue, a belgium artist who launched her album 1,5 years ago. You can discover it here.

Then, the painting goes to an auction and men fight to buy it. The woman arrives and takes it back. The real Saint Laurent woman would never send her painting to an auction. Or at least she would have steel it from the buyer.

The end is almost funny because with the small card, she is almost playing the role of a beauty advisor in a perfumery store and giving a perfumed blotter to the man. A Yves Saint Laurent woman would make the man smell the fragrance on her skin as if it was her own smell. Not in a blotter.

The Flacon can be seen in different ways. The first element is the cap. A very nice work of sparkling the metal effect. Makes it precious and edgy.


The other element is this amethyst ring that shapes the glass flacon as a precious corset and gives a very feminine line. Personally I would also see a sand clock too as if time was stopping. The aesthetics overall makes me think about a modernized version of American perfumery flacons of the 50s like Youth Dew by Estee Lauder. When you have it in hand, you would expect a better quality aspect but it is better than many others.

The Fragrance brings Saint Laurent back to the Great flower bouquets on the line of Paris but here much more soft-oriental with Vanilla, Sandalwood and Tonka bean notes. It is not new as it reminds of a Dune by Dior or a Must by Cartier. The composition is nevertheless very qualitative with a very nice Jasmine.

The range is composed as follows:

30ML Eau de Parfum   54 €
50ML Eau de Parfum   77 €
90ML Eau de Parfum   100 €

200ML Shower Gel   38 €
100ML Deodorant spray   36€

Available from now on, do not hesitate to see the dedicated website: 

You can discover more about Manifesto. They have a “scratch-book” section. You connect with your Facebook account and Twitter or Instagram. The software extracts information from your accounts (images and texts) in order to create a giant scratch-book. You can modify it online and publish it on Facebook or instagram or Pintarest. Interesting but no benefit for the user, a part the fact that they offer you a new Facebook timeline cover. Nevertheless the mechanics with Facebook and Twitter/Instagram is original.

Create your own manifesto

Would you dare this Manifesto?


Info sourced at official Saint Laurent Press release, wikipedia, Vogue Paris website and the brand dedicated website. All images are copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.