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The fragrance industry is a fantastic melting pot made of incredible and creative product launches and massive blockbusters. It might sound paradoxical, but actually, it all makes sense in the end. According to, the fragrance and perfume market reached last year US$43.6 Billion sales and is supposed to gain an extra US$10 Billion in the next seven years. This means a solid growth of 3.3% year on year. While perfumeries are crowded with brands, it is always a tricky question to find a new fragrance. If you are craving to discover a new fragrance brand, here are my top 3 niche brands you need to know: beautiful olfactory work, nice craftsmanship and a good balance between originality and elegance.

1- Oxymore Parfums – An Olfactory Narrative For Dreamers And Poets

Here is OXYMORE PARFUMS. This new brand was created by Carine Lebrun, a perfumery professional and passionate about fragrances since her childhood. After working for prestigious fragrance houses on international projects for 20 years, the time has come for her to develop her world and propose her fragrances. OXYMORE PARFUMS is a brand of luxury fragrances based on unexpected and harmonious contrasts. Carine Lebrun got her inspiration from her life and things that have marked her career. 100% French-made, OXYMORE Eau de Parfum was designed in Paris and produced in Grasse, the historic cradle of perfumery. 


They are made of quality raw materials to achieve a balance of top notes to base notes. It is a conception of perfumery perceived as unique art. Carine Lebrun wants to surprise you with her amazing contrasts, a true olfactory oxymoron. You can read her exclusive interview by clicking here.


Carine Lebrun wanted a personal story and a crafted creation with the best ingredients for her brand’s creation. She worked with Fabrice Olivieri – Parfumologie. From this first opus, three new fragrances were created:

  • With OXYMORE PARFUMS, you will discover three original olfactory stories. They are crafted as beautiful films that will lead you to new adventures, made for fragrance lovers. Carine Lebrun wanted to create fragrances that would not disappoint.

2- O.U.I. Paris – Between French Know-How And Brazilian Bossa Nova

When a new fragrance brand is launched, it is a moment of joy as creativity is spotlighted. Suppose the new brand has what it takes to be outstanding, beautiful and interesting: even better! Meet O.U.I. Paris. O.U.I. is, first and foremost, the story of an encounter—a unique combination of French savoir-faire (know-how) and Brazilian Felicidade (a burst of joy). Everything about this brand is about excellence at work and craftsmanship. This new story is about working with the very best people, materials and creating an exciting, unique olfactory journey.

The result of this work is a beautiful line of 7 fragrances that were crafted thanks to French know-how in Haute-Parfumerie and singular attention to beauty passed from generation to generation within Grupo Boticário, a Brazilian family business and undisputed leader of beauty and personal care in their home country. A key point of the success of this new fragrance brand is the role of Pierre Aulas, the brand’s Olfactive Director.

Photo: O.U.I. Parfums

Pierre is by far one of the most talented professionals of his generation. His creative mind can understand a brand universe and help Perfumers translate it into an olfactory journey. His track record is, awe-inspiring and his creative workshop in the heart of Paris is a temple honouring Haute-Parfumerie. Here is the brand manifesto:

At O.U.i we believe that perfume is about all of the senses The olfactory sense creates our first impressions, and with fragrance, we can express ourselves: our rituals, our desires, our dreams. Fragrance makes us make sense of the world and each other.”

O.U.I. Paris

O.U.I. Paris has a strong brand manifesto in which they believe in excellence, a constant search for the best, and quality down to the smallest details. Everything on this brand is done with a purpose, and it is amazing to see so much talent gathered around a single project. Seven fragrances were created:

  • La Villette 470
  • Madeleine 862
  • Scapin 245
  • L’Amour-esse 142
  • L’Experience 706
  • Iconique 001
  • Hotel de Ville 193

Each of these fragrances is a true olfactory encounter. They are all great creations and for sure you can find one that you will love.

3- Parfums BDK – A story for Fragrance Lovers

As the International Fragrance foundation said this week, here is the niche brand that everybody is talking about. At LuxuryActivist, we would add: “At last!”. Perfumery art always starts with a passion and a desire to create something unique. BDK Parfums is an independent perfume house based in Palais Royal, Paris. The fragrance house has a very contemporary and unique creative universe inspired by characters, movements, silhouettes and moments. All creations have one common denominator: a journey halfway between fantasy and reality. All fragrances are quite exceptional.


Four collections build the company offer, helping identifying the creative pattern within lines.

  • Collection Parisienne: Bouquet de Hongrie, Pas ce Soir, Rouge Smoking, Gris Charnel, Nuit de Sable.
  • Collection Matières: Tubéreuse Impériale, Wood Jasmin, Oud Abramad, Crème de Cuir, Velvet Tonka.
  • Collection Azur: Citrus Riviera, Sel d’Argent.
  • Collection Exclusive: French Bouquet, Tabac Rose.

Behind BDK Parfums, there is the beautiful mind of David Benedek. He was born in Paris in 1989, and his parents were in the fragrance business since the 1950s. Mr Benedek grew up in the universe of perfumery. From one generation to the next, expertise was polished and shared.


The luxury fragrance house is proud to claim that all its production is made in France. Everything is done with great care and decades of specialized French know-how from the flacon, the cap and the outer packaging. The creative process is never rushed; new scents are complete when the perfect equilibrium between notes is found, the alchemy perfect.

BDK Parfums also has other must-haves different from the fragrance collections. You can find an “Eau de Lessive” and a Hair Perfume.


Hopefully, this article has inspired you to discover new olfactory universes, and maybe, just maybe, you have found your next perfume crush.

José Amorim
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