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eau d'Ikar SisleySisley just announced the launch of Eau d’Ikar, its new fragrance. It is the brand first fragrance for men. Most of people say that Sisley waited 40 years to launch a masculine fragrance. Well, do not forget that some of Sisley fragrances are also used by men. 1976 Eau de Campagne, a beautiful creation by Jean Claude Ellena, conquered the heart and the noses of many men around the world (including me). It’s distinctive green note and the elegant freshness is a real masterpiece.

With Eau d’Ikar, Sisley got inspired by the wild and sparkling nature of Mediterranean shores, especially Corsica and some of Greek islands. It seems the idea of Eau d’Ikar exists at Sisley for a while and finally the creation got birth for our pleasure.

One main ingredient is highlighted through-out the entire fragrance: Mastic. Mastic is a typical mediterranean tree that also grows in Corsica. Pistacia lentiscus. The aromatic, ivory coloured resin, also known asmastic resin mastic, is harvested as a spice from the cultivated mastic trees grown in the south of the Greek island of Chios in the Aegean Sea, where it is also known by the name “Chios Tears”. Originally liquid, it is sun dried into drops of hard, brittle, translucent resin. The resin is collected by bleeding the trees from small cuts made in the bark of the main branches, and allowing the sap to drip onto the specially prepared ground below. The harvesting is done during the summer months between June and September. After the mastic is collected it is washed manually and spread in the sun to dry. Mastic resin is a relatively expensive kind of spice that has been used principally as a chewing gum for at least 2,400 years. The flavour can be described as a strong, slightly smoky, resiny aroma and can be an exquisite taste.

Eau d’Ikar inspires freedom, skylight and of course a link into the greek mythology by the link of this man’s name who tried to fly and got his handcrafted wings burned by the sun.

eau d'ikar sisleyThe Fragrance flacon was made by Polish sculptor Bronislaw Krzysztof. He explored sculpture, designed objects and drawings. Mr and Ms D’Ornano own some of the artist creations and naturally they asked Mr Krzysztof to create the fragrance flacon. A massive, masculine and yet elegant glass flacon. We can see the glass is engraved with the name Ikar. It is an amazing glass work. The fragrance advertisement packshot shows the massive glass flacon infront of a beautiful summer sky. I think we are getting a smell of holidays. hummm….

sisley eau d'ikar

The fragrance will be available in the markets by september 2011. 2 flacon versions: 50ML and 100ML.
After the launch of Sisleÿum, the first Global skincare for men, we can say that Sisley is investing the brand territory towards men. Let’s wish they will succeed as the products look brillant.



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