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Just because your living space is fairly small that doesn’t mean it can’t be a luxurious space too. In fact, it’s easy to make any space look more luxurious with just a few simple additions (or takeaways), and many of these useful tips cost very little money (if any). Take a look at these easy ways to make your small home luxurious and you’ll see what we mean.



No matter the size of your home, if you have a lot of furniture and general items in it, it’s going to seem smaller and more cramped up and that’s definitely not a sign of luxury. This is why decluttering is such a good idea. Once you have removed everything you don’t need (you can store it, take it to Goodwill, or arrange a garage sale if you prefer), you’ll be able to move your furniture around too and that can also open up a room for you. Sometimes larger items are placed in such a way that they almost cause an obstruction, but if there are fewer items about then you may be able to change the position and give yourself more room.

Add Plants


Plants always add a touch of luxury to your home. That splash of lush green always feels and looks good, and it can make a real difference to how you feel about your living space, and how other people perceive it. Of course, you’ll need to care for these plants because dead or dying ones don’t look great at all. If you’re not someone who has an affinity with plants, then choose something that doesn’t take much looking after (you’ll still need to water it from time to time, and place it in the best spot for it to grow and thrive). As well as looking great, plants have been proven to have many health benefits and help to purify the air.

Make The Most Of Your Space

If you only have limited space then it’s important that you think carefully about how to use it. A small kitchen, for example, doesn’t have to be a problem at all if you have the right tools and equipment to help you. An electric skillet is ideal if your stove is small (or if the kitchen is so small that you can’t fit one in), for example. Take each room one by one and work out what you definitely need and what you would like to have. Once you have fitted in what you need, you can start working on the rest of the list assuming there is any space left. You may have to make some sacrifices, but it will keep your home looking great.

Light Is Important


A dark home will never look as inviting or as luxurious as a light, bright, airy one. Therefore, you should look into ways of allowing as much natural light as possible into your house or apartment. You might want to install a skylight, for example, or exchange wooden doors for glass ones. Windows can be made brighter by painting the edges white rather than a darker color – they won’t let any more light in, but the light that does come in will be reflected rather than absorbed. Mirrors in strategic positions will also help here.


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