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Switzerland is a small country of only 8.5 million inhabitants in the heart of Europe and what is fascinating is the concentration of talents. From watchmaking to design, architecture, luxury, and even fashion. Maybe the main difference with other countries like France, Italy or even the US (apart from the size of course) is the lack of qualitative platforms to showcase these talents. Here is where the opening this month of the JSBG Store in Lausanne is a great thing. Fueled and powered by Jorge S. B. Guerreiro, a Swiss iconoclast, entrepreneur, journalist, blogger and brand strategist, the JSBG store is on a mission. To showcase Swiss creation on a multifaceted platform, one of a kind.

Jorge S. B. Guerreiro: the Swiss Story-teller

When the digital era opened the doors of the worldwide web to basically anyone, some people had the amazing chance to have a voice and express themselves like no other previous medium would allow. While most of the people would just fill online servers with uninteresting, egocentric and low-quality content, people like Jorge S. B. Guerreiro would grow strong and educate people by telling interesting stories. With his webzine,, he spent the past years sharing his passion for amazing people, businesses and outstanding products. So yes, Jorge is a story-teller and an intelligent iconoclast. It would be hard to define Jorge by the multiple activities he embraces but one thing holds everything together: his passion to meet people, get involved with their stories and his perfect journalist’s pen to tell back those stories to the world.


In the past years, Jorge became an icon of the Swiss blogosphere, one of the rarest to talk about luxury and lifestyle. Over the years all his encounters made him a journalist for the press, brand strategist for luxury brands and a lifestyle influencer. During this Parcours, he discovered Swiss brands as well as international ones, all united by the same passion for story-telling. With the launch of his JSBG Store, it is the creation of a new true platform to showcase Swiss creation at his best.

Switzerland is known for architecture and graphics for example, but very little for fashion. Even today, Swiss fabrics are among the most beautiful fabrics in the world, the Bally brand has created the boots for astronauts who have gone to the moon, and nobody talks about it. I thought it was interesting to combine business with pleasure by promoting Swiss creation while trying to make my audience profitable. ” – Jorge S. B. Guerreiro

Being a passionate person about creation, Jorge can be considered as a story-teller. His capability to dig the quintessence of a brand and package into a great story to be told is his power. Jorge will continue his work with amazing brands and travel around the world to seek great stories to tell while developing his store. He is currently focusing on developing his new business, creating events to generate awareness for the store and launching very soon his online store.

To the question “how do you manage all of this?”, Jorge answers that all is connected. The JSBG Store is a convergence point of everything he does. So he does not consider it as a new activity but more as the focus of almost everything. Maybe the balance of online and offline is the key to success: Blogger and influencer in the digital space while a consultant for brands and a journalist for the print press. Online and offline storytelling. His family name, Guerreiro, which is literally “fighter” in Portuguese, goes well with the man. Jorge will always fight for good causes, the Swiss cause here, and luckily enough for Switzerland, the country has a great ambassador.

JSBG Store In Lausanne: Swiss Creation Please!


From the first seconds, you step into the JSBG store the theme is clearly announced: A huge map from Switzerland hangs on the wall as a clear message. The ambiance is welcoming and all details are well taken of. Jorge has created a welcoming space that we feel comfortable to spend time. Sometimes “concept stores” can be unwelcoming, cold… basically, I would not bring my small children into. At the JSBG Store, there is a nice spirit, maybe because things are done with a great soul. Space is shared with the stylist Mélisande Grivet, who established her
studio Nom Commun.

Nom Commun is a ready-to-wear brand founded in 2017 by the Lausanne stylist Mélisande Grivet. The brand is born of the desire to put the body and the garment in the center. Fabrics and design matters, so Melisande Grivet’s style is pure, sharp and with an intention. From the collection I saw at the JSBG Store I keep a few interesting elements in mind:

  • A Soul
  • Quality of fabrics
  • Essential Pure design
  • Original details embracing the classics
  • Value for money

During his multiple encounters, Jorge identified more than 200 Swiss brands representing an unlimited choice of products. There will be around 30 Swiss brands represented permanently from fashion to accessories, decoration, beauty products, books, and liquors. It is an eclectic range of products showing the richness of Swiss creation.


Beyond this physical store, Jorge will evolve its digital media, transforming it into a portal offering in parallel its editorial content from his webzine and an e-commerce offering of a range of creators already exhibited at the JSBG Store. This online visibility will be amplified by editorial articles, promotions on social networks as well as a presence on the JSBG newsletter which already has more than 10,000 subscribers. This new site will be launched in late November 2019 to replace the webzine JSBG born now ten years ago.

Rue des Deux-Marchés 13
1005 Lausanne

We wish “tout de bon” to Jorge S. B. Guerreiro with his store and honestly I cannot wait to be back to the store and discover more about those amazing brands.

José Amorim
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