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Tablets are all over the place. And if 2012 was the year of mobile, 2013 is the year of tablets. And because our life is becoming more and more digital, Victorinox launches the first Knife kitchen block for digital Chefs.



Tablets will be part of your life

Last year, around 120 million tablets were sold in the world. In 2013, tablet sales might reach 140 million and by the horizon of 2016, we are talking about 370 million tablets, which will represent 35% of all electronic devices.

Tablets are useful companions as you can use them at home, in public transportation and at the office. It is easier to use than a computer as well as it is lighter and practical.

In terms of digital devices purchases, today PCs represent around 20% of sales, then comes 15% for tablets and 65% for smartphones. By 2015, tablets will override PCs. It is inevitable.

Cooking recipes and lessons are a big theme

In terms of lifestyle, one of the biggest current trends is cooking. There are thousands of books about cooking, per type of speciality, per meal, per ingredients… The choice is large and most of them are library best-sellers.

Some of these books are written by famous chefs. They became the new super stars, like Jamie Oliver. They have their own TV shows, their own schools, prizes and even they open restaurants in franchises.


Cooking lessons are also very popular. According to the Guardian and Die Zeit, cooking lessons became the number one activity  for urban people in the context of dating and extra-professional hobbies.


When digital enters the kitchen

Because tablets and smartphones entered our lives, naturally they also entered our kitchens. A tablet is lighter than dozens of books and you can always find online the perfect recipe for your meal.



Since the launch of the first tablet, we have now several cooking apps, that help you to find easier all the recipes you need, to save your preferred ones and even get social with other food lovers. Out of hundreds of apps, here is a short selection, made for iPads,  of the best cooking apps you might find in the iTunes store.

Paprika – Recipes managementPaprika-recipes-manager

Paprika is an excellent app. You can access recipes from more than 190 websites and collect them in one app. You can also scale all different ingredients and make the recipes at your taste. You can create your own folders by themes or by type of meal. It is a very professional tool and for that, the cost is around 20$ (which is expensive for an app). But if you are a heavy users of recipes, definitely you need this app.

Cook’s Illustratedcooks-illustrated

This is one of the most complete app for cooking. Despite of the recipes for appetizers, main courses to breakfasts and desserts, you can also have advices for which products to buy, which brands, so that next time you go to the grocery store, you know which butter to buy or vinegar or olive oil. Dinner Spinner

This app is very interesting as you can match the perfect side dish to your main course. This is very practical as sometimes you wonder what should you serve with salmon, or pork or even Thai chicken masala! Another interesting feature is that you can browse recipes that take less than an hour to be prepared. This can be very helpful when you are starving or when suddenly a couple of friends just came for dinner.

Of course, the more you use your tablet in the kitchen, the more risks you take to generate a cooking accident. It means that after a while your tablet gets dirty with flour, eggs or any sauce you had on your fingers… To clean it can be quite annoying or difficult.


That’s why you need a specific support for your tablet while cooking, so that it remains safe from your artistic cooking gestures. Several supports or stations are available but they are always something extra you need to place in your kitchen table. And often there is no room for it.

In order to answer to this need and to lift up your style while cooking, Victorinox found the perfect balance between design, high-tech, cooking and space. And that is why they have launched the new Cutlery block for digital chefs.

Victorinox Knife block for digital chefsVictorinox-Cutlery-Bloc-360-Digital

The idea is as simple as elegant as obvious. When you are a big fan of recipes and cooking, you need to have the right tools, meaning very often good knives. So many people have a knife block in the kitchen. Despite of being a very decorative item for any food lovers, it also has the role of gathering all your best knives to help you achieve your best meals.

Victorinox are the world champions in terms of knives. From the legendary Pocket knife, they kept the outstanding quality of their blades and cutting. So today Victorinox Cutlery is considered as one of the best in the world. They have specific collections for amateurs, food lovers and also professional customers as chefs of food professionals.

This year they launch a Cutlery block beech 360° rotating, 12 pieces. A rotating knife block able to carry books, magazines and digital assistants. The prime wood quality and a smooth rotary mechanism create a lot of attention and support the ambitious chefs.

Victorinox-Cutlery-Block-360-back Victorinox-Cutlery-Block-360-back-book Victorinox-Cutlery-Block-360-Walnut Victorinox-Cutlery-Block-360-front Victorinox-Cutlery-Block-360-zoom Victorinox-Cutlery-Block-360

Size  (LxWxH) 240 x 170 x 220 mm

According to the brand, it is a stunning kitchen utensil, made of wood and in an outstanding and detail-obsessed craftsmanship quality, shaped purely towards functionality. This newly formed design approach surprises with unobtrusive elegance, through which the carefully selected material and the swiss workmanship beautifully emerge. A perfect match into any kitchen environment. 2 colours are possible, natural wood and walnut. You can visit the brand website, Check in the cutlery section or search for knives block.


So now you have no excuse, you can upgrade your kitchen with the best knives and the perfect place for your iPad.


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