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Detachment is often interpreted as a state of mind that is emotionally separate from the physically desired world. The distancing feeling comes in various ways under different circumstances. Motivated by its spiritual sense, fashion designer Ruochun Ding created the DETACHMENT COLLECTION that framed the shapeless concept.

For Ding, detachment is to separate oneself from the thoughts to avoid emotional harm. She believes that it is a divine image that aligns with the divine nature of human bodies as well as some religious mysteries. However, it is challenging to physicalize such a spiritual state. 

“It is hard to accurately depict something that’s completely abstract with physical materials. For me, the best way to execute a hypothetical idea is utilizing atmospheric fabric and neutral color palettes to take control of the sentiment”

Ruochun Ding

According to Ding, the veil is the essential element in this collection. This light texture is the perfect medium for the transition and connection between a matter and abstraction, which is something that Ding was looking to present in the design of DETACHMENT. Additionally, Ding chose to take advantage of the neutral color palettes such as cement, sage, light mustard, to concretize this detached state of mind without undermining the epic. 

DETACHMENT, by Ruochun Ding

“My illustration style of this collection was greatly influenced by two of my professors at school – Prof. Stipelman and Prof. Tain, both great artists and authors,” Ding added, “I used a lot of exaggerated elements in my creation to make the visual tension stronger, which is different from my usual design style.”

Another highlight of DETACHMENT came when Ding added inkjet design when she used her iPad to imitate the effect of gouache paint. Ding demonstrated that she initially intended to use hand drawn but was unable to purchase the materials due to the ongoing pandemic, and thus turned to digital painting. Surprisingly, the result came out extraordinarily with an enhanced texture and a more organic image. 

DETACHMENT, by Ruochun Ding

The DETACHMENT collection showcases Ding’s unique approach to character depictions through a marked exaggeration that is balanced by an artful use of color. This unconventional combination represents the innovative mindset that Ding has developed in response to the preferences of her predominantly female clients, who are known to favor rich and inclusive content.

As a designer, Ding has always believed the quality tailoring and design should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their sizes and shapes.  Her preference for loose-fitting garments reflects her commitment to aesthetic versatility, which is also integrated into Ding’s own wardrobe choices. 

José Amorim
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