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She is Brazilian, beautiful and young. Gabriela “Gaby” Machado is definitely the next it-girl in fashion modelling. With only 15 years old she has already 7 years of experience in modelling. She started at the age of 8. If you think she was discovered in the street, in a party or on the beach, you are wrong. She was discovered in… social media. At the age of 8 she was discovered by a Brazilian modelling agency in ORKUT, the brazilian Google social network at that time. This is an interesting fact as more and more models are discovered via their social media presence. Gaby Machado has already a very solid experience and all Brazilian fashion press already know her. She is definitely the next super model. She knows what is required to become a model without compromising who she is. She is photogenic, she “grabs light” like no one at her age. For LuxuryActivist, Gaby Machado kindly accepted an exclusive interview .

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LuxuryActivist (LA): You started your career in 2009, is it true? What do you think about the adventure so far?
Gaby Machado (GM): Yes, I started in 2009 and so far it has been a great experience because I met different people and different places.

LA: What was your motivation to become a model?
GM: It all started with the aim to become one and then in 2009, a modelling agency saw my profile in social media. They proposed to join the agency at no cost and my parents accepted. With 8 years old I was not necessary interested in fashion.

LA: What type of work do you prefer: cat-walking or being photographed? 
GM: Both, I do not have a preferred one.



LA: What was your preferred contract so far? 
GM: It was for a beachwear brand. We travelled to Pernambuco and stayed for 4 days. Porto Galinhas is beautiful. My preferred contracts are definitely the ones that require traveling.

LA: What aspect of a modeling career you find the most difficult? And what is the most important quality you need to have? 
GM: Being photographed for hours is not easy. Several looks and sometimes I stay 12 hours in a photograph session. It is tiring. I get out of home at 04:00 AM in the morning to travel to the shooting session location. It is not easy. Sometimes I wonder if people think I am a machine ah ah ah (laughs!).

LA: Several models are considered under-weight. There is a lot of controversy around this topic. Do you feel any pressure on this? What is your opinion? 
GM: I do not feel any pressure about being too thin. I eat what I want and I do not get fat. Also, I do not like to eat too much junk food. I naturally like salads and “real” food. My opinion is that we should not be obsessed to loose weight. Each person has his own body-type. We are not all equal. It is true I saw some models doing crazy things to loose weight because of some agency requirements. I do not agree with this. I believe the models’ family should pay attention to this and not allow such behaviors.

LA: Everybody is talking about your similar look as Gisele Bündchen. What do you think about this? 
GM: I like it. I think it is great to be compared to such an amazing woman. She has an unique shining. Being known outside of my country for my resemblance with Gisele is spectacular news!



LA: Do you use social networks? What is your preferred social network and why? 
GM: I use a lot WhatsApp to talk to my friends. But my preferred social platform to display my work is Instagram. I can see all the love people have for my work and also I can reach more people.

LA: What advice would you give for young girls if they wish to become a model?
GM: To find a good agency and always speak with your parents. Check what kind of work the agency has already done, never pay abusive prices for agency fees (I am talking about kids & teens agencies that are my personal experiences. I do not know how it is on adult agencies). Never send pictures in social media to strangers. Never believe in discussions like enroll in our agency today and you will get to work already next week. Every precaution is important.

LA: what can we wish you for 2017?
GM: Wish me a lot of work and that I might meet Gisele one day!


As we can see, being a successful model is not only a beautiful face on a beautiful body. You need personality and intelligence to run your career and keep being true to yourself. Gaby Machado is definitely in the right track. She has the support of her family and friends to remind her who she is and where she comes from. In a world of beauty and glamour, a bit of cleverness is a luxury that everyone should afford.

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Boa sorte garota!

José Amorim

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