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since BANG, Marc jacobs new fragrance, it was hard to see a Mr. Jacobs in a serene moment. We had the feeling he was a little over the top. New life? Finally the beast is out? Well, what we can say, anyway, is that the creative power of his elegant mind is still doing marvelous things. Of course here it is for Vuitton and not for his own brand. We discover an elegant, simple, natural Marc Jacobs in a very arty, classical “with a hint” ambiance.
Marc Jacobs

He explains the philosophy of creation of the new 2011 Autumn/winter collection. He proposes a classical scenario but with a modern style by the choice of the female models, the accessories (puppies) and the image displayed. It is almost a modern Bonnie and Clyde ambiance without the guns and without Clyde :-).

Here are my preferred pictures out of the campaign.

Louis Vuitton 2011/2012
louis vuitton 2011/2012
louis vuitton 2011/2012
louis vuitton 2011/2012

While other fashion houses are struggling with their fashion designers, Louis Vuitton has a beautiful stability with Marc Jacobs. We could say a mutual respect.


info scouted at new york fashion
photos: All rights reserved Louis Vuitton.