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Tonight, all fashionistas had an appointment with the stars… In deed, it was the Fall/Winter2011 ready to wear MUGLER show. All over the world, fans could watch the entire event live in streaming. You could use your laptop, your iPhone or your iPad.

Personally, I watched it with my iPad comfortable installed in my sofa…

Nicolas FormichettiThe show was incredible, Nicolas Formichetti presented his first women collection for the Fashion house under the theme “Anatomy of Change”. The show took place in a improvised built shape like Cathedral under the eyes and the cameras of happy few.

What can we say about the work of Nicolas Formichetti? Well, first we can congratulate him to have accepted several cameras live during his show. In deed several fixed cameras and mobile too covered the entire show. God knows how intense and stressful the “big day” can be, it needs a lot of courage and self-confidence to accept this extra-challenge.

Bringing High-tech and live streaming into the heart of french fashion couture… I love it !!!

Ok, about his work. Over the decades, the Mugler style became timeless. This style brings attitude, sexiness and a hint of wild into the french glamour. Women are then totally “satelized” into an universe of Power, elegance and dare… It is known from the Mugler style that it gives personality and charisma to the ones who might miss some…

Nicolas Formichetti brought all of these into a powerful prisma. Each model had an attitude, a strong representation of todays women. The shapes, the colours, the signature was Mugler but the panache and the energy given by Formichetti’s work fireworked the brand into a new galaxy of stars… and talking about stars, the huge event of tonight was the appearence of Lady Gaga herself. She is the Music Artistic Director of the Brand and she revealed an exclusive single “Government Hooker”

This single is part of her new amazing album, “BORN THIS WAY” coming in next May. Not only the pop singer created the entire sound band for the show but she also played the topmodels for one night by catwalking for her good friend Nicolas. She announced yesterday her plans for tonight’s event and definitely all the “little monsters” would be in one single place tonight: in front of their laptops, iPhones and iPads.

Check here in exclusivity the show, streamed live and kindly borrowed by luxuryactivist. All rights reserved Thierry Mugler.