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Here is a new video about the new Mugler fashion collection for Men Spring/Summer 2012. It is the second collection of Nicola Formichetti for the Brand and we can see a very anatomic collection inspired by the male body, a kind of neo-realism founded on science-fiction and hyper-masculinity. After “Brothers of Arcadia“, here is a more “making-off” approach, away from the “Porn” approach of the first video.

The photographer is Yoshiaki Sekine, in partnership with Surface magazine.

©Yoshiaki Sekine

The Video director is Blake Martin, a creative artist living in NYC. His work is very interesting because he gives importance to details and to story telling. His sharp eye allows to get you into the experience filmed.

The different male models in the clip and in the photos have a hint of young Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley. The clothes explains that for Nicola Formichetti Style is more important than Design.



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