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The french luxury department store Le Printemps presented its vision of the future by inviting the avant-gardist brand Paco Rabanne to a special set at the heart of the parisian shop.


In the continuous aim to become one of the edgy references for luxury in Europe, Le Printemps is always reinventing itself by always proposing surprising, original and high-fashion animations. After one of the most glamorous luxury christmas in partnership with Chanel, now it is the moment to get a hint of the future with Paco Rabanne.


I must say that since the end of the Mr.Rabanne era, the Brand Paco Rabanne was more focusing on Fragrances than Fashion. Now, with a new Artistic Director and this new beautiful operation, we feel that the brand’s heritage is still its force.

In deed, Paco Rabanne has a new Artistic Director. It’s name: Manish Arora. He is indian and has followed a path of success since his start.

  • 1997: First fashion show in New Delhi under his own brand
  • 2007: First show in Paris
  • 2011: He joins Paco Rabanne as Artist Director

His style takes a lot inspiration from Contemporary Art which makes a perfect blend with the Rabanne style and heritage. Look for yourself:




From the Brand perspective, the Manish Arora era is the “Rebirth”. The goal is to fully capitalize into the Brand roots and when you remember the 1966 Metal dress, we can see that the challenge is fully succeeded.

Why Le Printemps engaged into this operation with Paco Rabanne?
According to Mr. Cédric Dauch, Communication Manager:
Le Printemps proposes an interpretation of Fashion’s future… or how Brands can invent their own future by building on their own heritage“. This is a strong statement in which Le Printemps definitely becomes the stage of true creation and innovation.

So, by visiting the Departement store, you can discover the Café Paco Rabanne by Hediard. An original blend to place you into a futuristic environment, not that far from today.




The operation just started and will last until the 24th March. Please visit the official website to know more about it:

So, ready for the future?


Info sourced at official Press Release, Le Printemps website and Social media networks, Paco Rabanne site. All images are copyrighted with no rights for reproduction available.