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While everybody is talking about L’Oréal purchased Mugler and Azzaro, Mugler continues its development by launching a new version of Angel Eau de toilette and here below is the game called: “what has changed?”.

Angel Eau de Toilette, a new flacon

The Angel flacon is probably one of the most recognizable flacon in the world, not only because of its star-like shape but also because of the blue color of its fragrance. If there is one thing (there are more) that Mugler knows well is to create beautiful glass flacons. For decades, French and Italian know-how helped building an amazing glass story for the French brand. The Angel flacon was from day one a technical and aesthetic challenge because of the sharp edges and a small amount of glass that it requires on certain parts of the flacon. “Easy, just turn the mould upside down!” said the worker trying to figure it out back in the ealry 90’s.

In 2011, Mugler finally decided to launch Angel’s eau de toilette. It was a bold move as Angel’s customers liked the fragrance for its richness and overwhelming desirability, therefore why launching a “lighter version”? Knowing Mugler, Angel Eau de toilette would never be a lighter version and this would start by a fantastic new flacon.

Angel Eau de Toilette 2011

The message was very clear. It is not a lighter version and it will never be a lighter version. Eight years later, Mugler decided to relaunch Angel Eau de toilette by providing a more institutional look on the shape of the iconic star but with a twist. The Angel star flacon now stands vertically for this Eau de toilette version.

Angel Eau de Toilette 2019

There is also a delicate pinkish color that will seduce by its nuances. A MUGLER perfume bottle is essentially a sculpture: it always tells a story in which innovation and tradition exist together seamlessly. Through a play of proportions and balance, the MUGLER Creative Studio has preserved the iconic asymmetrical design with its elongated points while rotating the star to a vertical position, exuding a blend of refinement and elegance. The iconic Angel five pointed shinning star is reborn and can now stand alone.

The captivating aspect of this new flacon is the amazing work in the glass. On a Mugler flacon you will never see the mould marks and the glass weight and purity are just out of this world. When light strikes the flacon, it looks like we are watching a sky full of stars. It is clearly captivating.

The Mugler Angel Eau de toilette has a new flacon, a standing star. The sharp glass edge in the back provides the verticality property to the flacon and consolidates a beautiful glass weight well executed in the highest standards of glass craftsmanship. Of course, the flacon is not the only thing that is new. The Eau de toilette fragrance was also revisited.

Angel Eau de Toilette 2019, a new fragrance

As in the 2011 version, Angel Eau de toilette is not a simple lighter version of the Eau de parfum. It is a different work, highlighting different aspects of the original fragrance. This time, Louise Turner (Givaudan) added a new sensuality to Angel Eau de toilette. It is not about freshness, it is about a modern vision of femininity that sparkles everyday.

Louise Turner

The idea was to provide a new vision of Angel femininity: it is dazzling femininity that affects all of today’s women, women who dare to live a life characterized by confidence, intensity, and sensuality.” – Louise Turner, Perfumer.

When comparing the two versions (the one from 2011 and the new one), we can see that the 2019 variant gained in sensuality, still bringing an incredible brightness to the structure. This is why I love Louise Turner’s work. She has a profound respect for heritage, a great education and she utilizes her knowledge to bring modernity to fragrances. This modernity is obtained by playing with contrasts that create an edge on the olfactory structure. I am not surprised that Mugler decided to work with her.

The gustative facet of Angel is present in the new formula but in a different way. According to the brand, there are two interesting elements that helped Louise Turner to create such a fragrance. The first one is a unique natural Apple essence. Extracted from mashed apple purée, this ingredient comes from the food industry, like the caramel note in the original Angel.

A second element worth mentioning is the Patchouli extraction used in the formula. We tend to call it a double-extraction. The first distillation is done on the dried Patchouli leaves to obtain the characteristic woody and earthy distinctive notes. Then, a second distillation is applied which eliminates the heavy and earthy notes. It leaves a bright and modern woody scent with all the vibrancy and power of Patchouli.


To learn more about the new Angel Eau de Toilette, you can connect to the brand official website: By revisiting the Eau de Toilette version of its iconic fragrance, Mugler keeps its promise of sophistication and modernity. It empowers women with strength and self-confidence… and a hell of sex-appeal!

José Amorim
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