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Last month Android broke the news by announcing a massive 75% of world market share in Mobiles. This shows how the Google OS became a pretty big standard in the highly competitive mobile market. But we realize in terms of internet connections, only 20% are Android. What?!!!


In the world there are around 300 million Android devices in circulation, from Tablets to smartphones.  Year by year Android grew by 250% while other OS were much more modest. By the end of this year, Google announced that every day there are 850,000 Android devices activations, which makes the big hit for this christmas.

But from online marketers perspective, nobody cares about Android. Why? Well first, it took Google years until they started making the life easier to Android developers. While Apple was taking good care of all developers with special conferences, dedicated kits, supports, helps, workshops… Android would make you turn around and around. We know that now it is much better but it is harder to get the people back.


According to Mashable, there are 43,000 IOS developers in the world (who published at least one app in the App store) vs 10,000 developers for Android. At the same time these figures are quite logical as Apps tend to be used by people who connects to internet in general and the figures for Android are just small.


In deed, although Android market share is 75% of all devices, when it comes to internet mobile users, it goes down the hill towards 20%. And this is a killing number in a world that becomes mobile. According to Business insider, only 21% of the total mobile traffic during Black Friday and Cyber morning were Android. 77% of the traffic came from Apple IOS. So still today you should probably develop your websites and Apps for Apple users rather than Android.

So the same Business insider dared to say that Android is for people who do nothing with their phones.  But frankly, why do we have such a big difference? One of the reasons can be the tablet market dominated by Apple IOS iPad. Since the relaunch of the iPad 3, Apple sells 11 iPads every hour in the world. During Black Friday, 88% of the traffic from Tablets came from iPads. Only 2,4% were the Amazon Kindle and 1,5% Samsung tablet. Other interesting information is the fact that statistically speaking, Apple users have higher revenues, so are more able to have internet connections and purchase online.

So if you are a marketer, developing your online business, you know that it is better to eat Apples rather than having robot buddies…



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