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The North Face, outdoor brand, relaunched its high-tech gloves this winter. The line is called the E-TIP and allows you to use any touch screen device thanks to a high-tech material. You do not need then to take the gloves out to use your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry Storm or other Samsung.


As a modern and high-tech oriented person, we always complain about the fact that we need to take out our gloves in winter to use our touch screen device (phone, GPS,etc…) thanks to The North Face and the E-TIP gloves this sacrifice is over. Thanks to these special gloves you can use your iPhone in a normal way in the ski slopes.

According to the Brand, the E-Tip Gloves are form fitting, four-way stretch gloves that offer warmth and maximum dexterity. For urban wear, you can comfortably work your phone, MP3 player or laptop mouse pad with warm fingers in these gloves. The stretch knit shell is ideal for three-season wear. And whatever you need to hold – a rope, ski pole, dog lead, horse reins, ice axe or après ski mulled wine – the silicone grip pattern on the palm will help you keep a tight grip on it.


  • Comfortably work your phone, MP3 player, or laptop mouse pad with warm hands. Four-way stretch
  • Silicone grip pattern on palm

The Technology

  • X-static fabric has a layer of all natural pure silver permanently bonded to the fiber face. This inhibits the growth of bacteria, and helps manage moisture and regulate temperature, allowing the high speed user to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

X-static fabric

Check here the video about the use of these gloves by LuxuryActivist.

So stay warm and stay connected.


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image: Tungphoto