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html5When Steve Jobs talk about Adobe Flash, we could think that he needs to have a seduction plan, otherwise it will be a long way before we will see flash in an iPhone. Or actually, Steve Jobs is clearly saying that Adobe is a past thing. If you go to Apple’s webpage on the hotnews area, we can read an article where Steve Jobs defends Apple position for not having Adobe flash.

In the Article, Steve Jobs says about Adobe Flash :Insecure, power-hungry, inappropriate for touch devices, never ready, outdated… Only that! check here.

Between Apple and Adobe we assist in a real Cold War. We wonder how far this will be ? Well until one of the 2 buy the other.
So we think it is not tomorow or even next year that we will see flash in an Apple product. As we can see the power of persuasion from Apple, we might think this is the end of Flash in the world… Long live then to HTML5.
Here is one of the thousands videos that display an iPAd with HTML5… just to make pressure on Adobe…