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Here are the updated figures for Social media in Switzerland. These figures correspond to end of August 2015. As we can see, Switzerland is a very connected country in which luxury brands but also media, electronics or retail food are all using social media to communicate with customers and fans.


The development of social media in Switzerland was accelerated by the high penetration of smartphones. In deed there are more than 4.6 million people in Switzerland who have a smartphone. This represents a penetration rate of 52%. If we have a close look into the young part of the population, meaning 15 to 29 years old, the penetration rate is close to 90%. This technological development helped the growth of internet in Switzerland. With internet, came social media. Here is a complete snapshot about the social medial Swiss landscape last month, August 2015.


When we look to Facebook and the top 200 pages with most fans in Switzerland, we can see that Beverages and retail are the biggest activities. Brands like Coca-Cola and Red-Bull are definitely leading the way on total number of local fans. Retailers like Migros, a huge institution in Switzerland is also very powerful and very “social”.


Swisscom, which is also a huge institution and almost a cultural reference to the country is leading the way on Facebook with almost 240k fans. With an audience of 3.5 million in August 2015, Facebook reached 65 percent of the Swiss online population and had the highest engagement. Internet users in Switzerland spent an average of 176 minutes per visitor on Facebook, 174 minutes on Google and just over an hour on Yahoo! last month. It is interesting to see that a brand like Netflix started very strong in Switzerland. In August, it was Netflix who had the highest engaged post on Facebook with more than 18’000 interactions.


Facebook reaches one third of the Swiss population and this number increases to 82% among the younger individuals from 18 to 29 years old. Facebook is definitely the biggest social network, not only in the world but also in Switzerland. Twitter and Youtube follow. Here below the top  Twitter brands and Youtube brands in Switzerland. It is interesting to see again the impact of Netflix and how strong they got in social media.

Switzerland-Twitter-users Yotube-channels-Switzerland

88% of Swiss people use regularly internet and 75% are even considered as big users by using it everyday. Social Media is an interesting topic for such a connected market as Switzerland. Swiss blogs are also very popular and can be followed as much as official press. But this would be another topic.



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