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As men become more open-minded and less conservative the jewelry for men gets more diverse and versatile by the day. It’s so great to see all the beauty and creativity modern men’s jewelry possesses. It provides men the opportunity to express their personality, to show their aesthetic preferences, to demonstrate their status, and make other statements important to them. Gold rings are the items that can handle all that duties taking your style to the whole new level along the way. If you’re still wavering on whether you should wear them or not, we recommend you to keep reading, so you can make up your mind once and for all.

Let’s start with pinky rings. As expected they are worn on a pinky finger which possesses a certain symbolism. The reason men often prefer wearing a ring there is that pinky has preserved since ancient times its connections with cunning Greek god Mercury, patron of commerce, finance and communication. They say that the men wearing pinky rings are rather smart and inventive, and are both good listeners and speakers. 

There are several popular pinky ring types among which the signet ring occupies a special place. Some may frown upon them and say they’re outdated and tacky, but the true connoisseurs know that the real gold jewelry with aristocratic flair never loses its charm, and just like good wine only gets better with time. If you don’t have a hereditary gold signet with a family crest, who says you can’t get one done? It’s about time for you to treat yourself to an exquisite gold ring that deserves to be passed down the generations. A pinky ring is also frequently a marker of a membership in some kind of club, society or fraternity, so you can easily wear an emblem of your favorite football club or a brand logo of your choice.

The location of the pinky ring allows it to be instantly noticed. It’s only neighbor is the item on the ring finger, and with a high chance it’s going to be an engagement or wedding ring, that’s why it’s better to consider the design, so they could match. Men often tend to select bulky pinky rings, which results in the common stereotype that they are tacky. If you like massive rings but would prefer to avoid that impression you need to pick the ring that is large in comparison to a pinky, but doesn’t seem huge when placed next to other fingers. You should also consider a pinky ring with laconic design, so it doesn’t look clumsy. 

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However, you are free to unleash all your wild imagination and creativity while choosing a statement ring. Seek for men’s gold rings that draw attention with unique design, shiny gems or large size. Statement rings are meant to make loud declarations concerning a man’s style, success, income, beliefs and preferences via bold look and expensive materials. Such items will definitely become an excellent conversation starter. 

There are no strict recommendations as to the finger to wear the statement ring on, but it’s clear the accessory should be placed somewhere it can be easily seen. The ring or middle finger of a right arm make a perfect choice. The men who are confident and enjoy having authority frequently pick an index finger, which is known to be responsible for power, to accentuate the flashy jewelry even more. 

It’s hard to find better materials for a statement ring than a lustrous yellow gold covered with diamonds. A Solid Gold & Yellow Diamond Men’s Ring  is a bright example of sophisticated jewelry ready to elevate every man’s look. Its dazzling shine makes it clear that the owner is a man of great ambitions and exceptional taste. This statement ring is the reason for jealous discussions and the right piece to make an unforgettable impression.


Gone are the days when engagement rings were meant only for women. Now the purpose of the ring has changed from sending the declaration that the girl is off the market to the clear message that both partners have serious intentions and are determined to bind their destinies. Society has become more open-minded realizing that showing feelings is not a weakness, but a prerogative of a strong individual. And the engagement rings for men have become the luxury sign of devotion and sincerity along with the huge society progress.

The designs of modern men’s engagement rings are really stylish and sharp. Such edgy combinations as gold with black diamonds, or the mixture of yellow, rose and white gold adds the ring a breath of fresh air, making it the appealing accessory to spice the look. Hammered engagement rings are the trendy men’s jewelry items that reveal all the attractiveness the texture may provide. Unlike statement rings, the engagement rings are not meant to be flashy items with over-the-top designs, but sometimes less is more, and maybe the statement the engagement ring makes is not as loud, but more important is that the message it makes is clear and firm.

It’s quite natural to talk about men’s wedding rings next. The choice of a wedding ring is a serious decision and, perhaps, the reason for the first fight between the couple, as it’s the piece of jewelry you’re supposed to wear for the rest of your life, so every detail matters. Typically, men value comfort and versatility more, while women tend to accentuate aesthetic components. Sometimes it gets difficult to combine the requirements of both and the choice of a wedding ring becomes the first serious test for future spouses. Thankfully, in most cases both agree that the best option for the wedding ring materials are gold and diamonds. 

The most common decision for a man’s wedding ring is a plain band. But even within a simple band of gold there’s a wide range of possibilities for creative designs that’ll make your heart jump every time you look at it. The main advantage of a gold band is that it goes well with any kind of outfit and style of clothing. You may opt for a wide men’s wedding ring with diamonds if you like massive shiny jewelry, and prefer your off-market status to be seen from afar.

In the past years the jewelry known as the Eternity ring is frequently seen on the men’s hands. Originally the eternity ring is a metal band set with a continuous line of identical precious stones, a popular anniversary gift for women in the 1960s. But the symbolism of eternal love embedded in the ring made the unisex jewelry out of it. Besides, the ring is an iconic timeless classic with unbeatable style, no sane man or woman would deny adding it to their jewelry collection. The experiments with colors of gold and diamonds of the Eternity ring lead to the stunning designs that only enhance the charm of this legendary item.

In conclusion, we should say that you don’t need to force yourself to choose only one ring out of all the unbelievable diversity of jewelry masterpieces. The current trend popularizes wearing multiple rings at the same time. You are free to cover every finger you have with a nice high-end ring, or put several rings on one finger if you like. It’s all about your comfort and sense of style. You don’t need to restrain yourself or wander in doubts. Remember, jewelry is made to bring joy, so use the tips from the above to get the best rings that will make you happy and stylish, that’s the main point of wearing them.

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