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In 2013, for the opening of the J.M. Weston shop in Rue Saint-Honoré, Michel Perry decided to rethink the loafer 180 and the double sole derby, but also small and large leather goods in materials and tones of ocean blue and black, thus giving birth to the Saint-Honoré special collection. A daring combination that led the way to two-tone colour matches. To complete the palette, grey now in turn gives full expression to the J.M. Weston style. And it is simply amazing.


Saint-Honoré, the spirit of Parisian style.

The rue Saint-Honoré is a street in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, France. It is named after the collegial Saint-Honoré church situated in ancient times within the cloisters of Saint-Honoré. The street, on which are located a number of museums and upscale boutiques, is near the Jardin des Tuileries and the Saint-Honoré market. Like many streets in the heart of Paris, the rue Saint-Honoré, as it is now known, was laid out as early as the Middle Ages or before. The street, at one time, continued beyond the former city walls into what was the faubourg (from Latin foris burgem, an area “outside the city”). This continuation was eventually named the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

Camille Pissarro, Rue Saint Honoré.

What is the spirit of Saint Honoré? In the 18th century, philosophers, writers and artists used to meet at Rue Saint Honoré, exchanging ideas, inspirations and more. One of the most famous salons was the one of Madame Louise d’Epinay, just a few numbers in the street away from JM Weston shop. She was a French writer, a saloniste and woman of fashion, known on account of her liaisons with Friedrich Melchior, Baron von Grimm, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who gives unflattering reports of her in his Confessions. and her acquaintanceship with Denis Diderot, Jean le Rond d’Alembert, Baron d’Holbach and other French men of letters during the Enlightenment. She was also one of many women referenced in Simone de Beauvoir’s Second Sex as an example of noble expansion of women’s rights during the 18th century. Saint Honoré was always a strong symbol of freedom and artistic versatility.


JM Weston, Collection Particulière Saint Honoré – The spirit of the house.

In 2003, JM Weston opened its iconic boutique at  243 Rue Saint Honoré. Michel Perry created an idea of Art Deco cabinet de curiosités. Purity of the lines, choice of the elegant materials and colors: these elements  established a strong identity. JM Weston explores the surroundings for each shop, making unique identities for the different shops.



After a very sharp and elegant black and ocean blue first chapter, the Collection Particulière Saint Honoré pursuit its story with a Black and grey range. The new creations are in perfect harmony and enhance materials like boxcalf, nubuck and wax finish canvas to underscore the timeless lines of the J.M. Weston style. Boxcalf in deep tones is used on the loafer 180 for men and women, with the intention to maintain the structure and depth of an authentic style. The women’s version is distinguished by its vamp in a velvety nubuck that sets off the sheen of the boxcalf. It’s all a question of balance and accuracy. Nubuck also features in grey on the perforated upper of the one-cut oxford shoe. A classic style that pays tribute to the exquisite materials one loves to see time and again on Savile Row : fine, meticulously woven flannels or thick, traditional Shetlands in multiple tones. Small and large leather goods also come into their own with this colour. The all- in-one, a veritable travelling companion, holds a surprise when opened, revealing numerous details stitched in grey. The briefcase for its part combines wax finish canvas with smooth calfskin in intriguingly contrasted tones, as does the Vice-Versa belt that can be worn in either black or grey.
The Saint-Honoré special collection now includes pieces with silhouette-enhancing grey. Black blends with grey that blends with black for a muted, decidedly modern look.

In the new range, here are the different elements and its main characteristics:

  • Loafer 180 in grey boxcalf and nubuck
  • Loafer 180 in grey and black box calf
  • Wing tip oxford shoe in grey nubuck
  • All-in-one in grey and black box calf
  • Vice-Versa belt in grey and black box calf
  • Briefcase in wax finish grey cloth and black box calf

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J.M. Weston, traditional shoemaker for more than 120 years, enhances and reinterprets classic codes with audacity through the impetus of its Artistic Director Michel Perry. Building on the excellent craftsmanship of its Limoges factory, the brand continues to evolve, reinventing itself without ever compromising its search for timelessness. This summer they launched a revamp of the Mocassin. Called Le Moc’ it is a new interpretation of the amazing Loafer 150 for the generation Y. Each new style, new leather, new detail of manufacturing is conceived in its workshops to enhance the feet of men and women. More than just a shoe, the loafer, derby or oxford shoe become a walking companion, a reflection of an easy-going lifestyle and of resolute elegance.



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