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Luxury Education is a series of international educational master classes, held by leading European experts in the luxury industry. The Master classes aim to improve the professional skills of the leading luxury companies all over the world. The project was established in 2010 and annually brings together the experts in the luxury industry, creating a great value platform for business-networking.


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Several brands trust Luxury Education for the quality of their workshops and seminars. The Luxury industry has been changing constantly in the past 1o to 15 years and leading brands need to adapt their strategy to make sure they are always relevant. Digital brought a massive game change into how Brands connect to customers everyday.

Digital Strategies for luxury brands, Paris April 28th and 29th


Luxury Education will organize in Paris next month a 2 days workshop about the following theme: Digital Strategies for luxury brands. This event will take place at the initiative of Luxor Management company. The interesting fact about this workshop is that will be leaded by Uche Okonkwo, digital luxury guru and author of several best-selling books. She has a worldwide reputation of being a pioneer business strategist and a opinion leader in the luxury industry. Ouch Okonkwo has collaborated with several major established luxury groups.


During the two days of the workshop, participants will learn the secrets of success and profitability lux companies, methodology and tools for building a successful digital strategy, will learn terms of use digital marketing tools in order to stimulate sales process. In between the parts , as well as during the evening cocktail, participants will have the opportunity for networking with colleagues in an informal atmosphere and strengthen business contacts .

the workshop will cover all major themes around digital. From luxury digital strategies and their evolution, study cases based on best practices (Burberry, Dior…) and also next trends in terms of user experience and e-Business. It will be a very complete workshop that should give you the keys to elaborate your own digital strategy.

Luxury brands have been struggling for several years in order to understand the digital landscape, its evolutions and above all the expectancies of their customers. People are more and more connecting to Brands via the web, no matter if it is an email, a Facebook comment, a tweet or simply a subscription to a newsletter. The luxury experience 2.0 is already established and only the most relevant brands will win the battle of the web. The Luxury Education workshop will definitely be a strong companion in your strategy definition.

Digital Strategies for Luxury Brands
April 28th to April 29th
Hotel Scribe – Paris
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