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Since 2009, Nespresso organize the Nespresso Gourmet Weeks in partnership with Gault et Millau. The main objective is to celebrate passion around good food through local amazing talents. In Switzerland, Nespresso cherry picked 15 restaurants, all amazing talented chefs. From the 25th of October until the 15th November you can experience an amazing culinary experience. You can call one of the 15 restaurants and book a table. Just make your reservation under the quote “Nespresso Gourmet Weeks” and you will enjoy a fine experience. Treat yourself to a culinary break during lunchtime or a romantic tête-à-tête dinner and benefit from a sensational price (lunch CHF 70, dinner CHF 120 per person)*. Every menu is rounded out with an exquisite Nespresso Grand Cru.
* Including Nespresso Grands Crus, excluding drinks.


By celebrating such talents, Nespresso highlights the very best in Switzerland in terms of culinary art. Here are the full list of restaurants participating into this event.

  • Truube Gais: Silvia Manser, AI
  • Moospinte: Sascha Berther, BE
  • Panorama: Rolf Fuchs, BE
  • Schüpbärg Beizli: Christoph Hunziker, BE
  • Stucki: Tanja Grandits, BS
  • Le Boléro: Serge Labrosse, GE
  • Park Hotel Vitznau/Prisma: Christian Nickel, Patrick Mahler, LU
  • Zum alten Stephan: Andy Zaugg, SO
  • Splendide Royal: Rossana Piluso, TI
  • La Croix Blanche: Arno Abächerli, VD
  • Le Pont de Brent: Stéphane Décotterd, VD
  • Damien Germanier: Damien Germanier, VS
  • Sonnenberg: Jacky Donatz, ZH
  • The Dolder Grand/The Restaurant: Heiko Nieder, ZH
  • Taggenberg: Margriet Schnaibel, ZH

Next week, LuxuryActivist will visit 3 talented chefs in order to celebrate with Nespresso this amazing Gourmet weeks. Here are the 3 restaurants, celebrating Vaud and Valais.

Le Pont de Brent by Stéphane Décotterd – Vaud

Stéphane Décotterd is a passionate person. From his parcours, we can see that he always seek the greatness within his passion for cooking. After winning the Kadi award for best Swiss Chef in 2008, he finish in the top 5 best Chefs worldwide at the Bocuse d’Or. In 2011 he takes over Le Pont de Brent. In the highs of Montreux, Stéphane Décotterd imagines a creative cooking around the natural cycle of seasons and the very best of local products. We will visit Le Pont de Brent on Friday 13th of November for Diner. 


Damien Germanier by Damien Germanier


For Damien Germanier, his heart belongs to Valais. This talented Chef, not only applies his passion to his cooking but he also shares it with others thanks to the creation of cooking classes. Damien Germanier has a precise and detailed cooking. Every detail has its importance and play a role in the different master-pieces he creates. He is also very faithful to the masters who trained him during his apprenticeship and today he is definitely one of the golden stars in Switzerland. We are lucky to meet him on Saturday 14th of November for lunch. 

Auberge de la Croix Blanche by Arno Abächerli


In the beautiful region of Morat, Arno Abächerli is a passionate soul for the amazing beauty of nature and the richness of the countryside. In a very authentic ambiance, l’Auberge de la Croix Blanche is a paradise for food lovers and hedonists. You will be able to find a innovative cooking, blending tradition and modernity. From one season to another, clients will be able to discover and rediscover the true meaning of taste. We will visit Arno Abächerli on Saturday 14th of November for diner. 

As you can see, Nespresso celebrates the incredible richness of the Swiss culinary landscape. All these Chefs represent the present and the future of Swiss Gastronomy. This project, already established for its 7th year deserves a big bravo. You can discover more about this project by visiting the Nespresso dedicated website here:

More to follow.



Info sourced at CoolBrandz communication and partnership, Nespresso website and all the restaurants respective websites. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available. Images are for illustration purposes only.