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Popular wisdom says it is hard to get first place on the podium. When it comes to fragrances, the hardest part is to last and stay at the top of the game. With twenty years of beautiful and unique creations, Puredistance is celebrating a fantastic anniversary. The company story is marked with golden letters decade after decade to bring the very best that perfumery creation can provide. When Jan Ewoud Vos registered “Puredistance” in 2002, he already had a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve. Twenty years later, the success story continues with a beautiful fragrances portfolio within his company.


Puredistance relies on a simple idea: Offer the best, the richest and the unique.

In a world where everything tends to become standard and banal, Puredistance has the conviction to bring you the exceptional, the rare and the best, all concentrated in a flacon of perfume. Puredistance is one of the most exclusive Perfume Houses worldwide that offers only Pure Perfume Extrait. We put all our passion and energy into the making of one gorgeous Master Perfume at a time. Not just another perfume, but a Perfume with a soul and a signature.

Puredistance I coffret

With the creation of the brand in 2002, Jan Ewoud Vos had a strong vision of what an entire Perfumery house should be. Over the years, he proved that everything was possible with the right amount of passion and talent. Many aspects of Puredistance describe a unique business model. First of all, it is a genuine exclusive brand. Less than 100 carefully selected perfumeries worldwide are authorized to sell Puredistance. While big industrial perfumery companies are battling in the distribution field, Puredistance seeks quality and relationships. Secondly, Peredistance creations are all available in Extrait only. The brand only sells Pure perfume with a high concentration of precious perfume oil.

Perfumery was initially a true craftmanship and should keep it that way. At Puredistance, all perfumes are signed by hand by founder Jan Ewoud Vos and all products are assembled and finished by hand. Puredistance is about an uncompromising desire to create beauty and uniqueness. Nowadays, standardization and consumer testing harmed a lot the fragrance market. Everything ends up being similar, and fewer and fewer creators take risks to bring excellence to their work.

Puredistance 20th anniversary: Two books to celebrate.


Twenty years ago, Puredistance was registered as a brand. After the registration, It took five years to complete the first perfume, ‘Puredistance I’, and launch it in Vienna. So this year, Puredistance celebrates its 20th anniversary! The highlights of these 20 years are described and visualized in two books recently published. One book is the ‘The Story of Puredistance’ by Birgit Oeckher from Vienna. Birgit Oeckher, who lives in Vienna, is the writer of the recently launched book ‘The Story of Puredistance’. Ms Oeckher has been writing about perfume on her blog Olfactoria’s Travels for five years. In the past four years, she has used her love for fragrance and writing – and her affection for Puredistance – to tell the story of this fantastic company.

“I don’t know this for a fact, but I believe most businesses are in it for the money (…) Jan Ewoud is motivated by other things, he cares more about his personal growth and his relationships, than the growth of his bank account and status. A second very important feature of Puredistance is the quality of their product. I don’t know a lot of other brands who are so adamant about every little detail being of the highest quality possible, from fragrance ingredients to packaging, it is all top of the line, no corners cut, ever.”

Birgit Oeckher

When reading the Puredistance book, it is impressive to see such an outstanding creative universe. Each perfume has a strong idea behind it and a whole story-telling. Each perfume is a novel in which the perfumer, as a novelist, will create a plot and a series of characters, and hopefully, you will be breath-taken from the first page (or notes) to the last drop.

It is also fascinating to understand the family background of Jan Ewoud Vos. From his family origins to his travels and social context, we can see that all the ingredients were united to craft a great future for his perfume brand. This book is a fantastic companion during your spare time, and I enjoyed reading it.

The second book is ‘The world of Puredistance in Photos’. This photo book visualizes the many stories that together illustrate why Puredistance has become a ‘rare bird’ in today’s world of fragrances. In a world where more and more perfume houses lose their independence and originality, Puredistance has managed to stay truly exclusive, personal and authentic.

Courtesy of Puredistance

This Photo Book visualizes the many stories that together illustrate why Puredistance has become a ‘rare bird’ in today’s world of fragrances. The book contains beautiful full-colour images of our perfumes, social events and the people behind Puredistance. While the first book is much more personal and sometimes even intimate, the second book crystallizes the positive energy behind and around Puredistance. We can see that behind great brands are great people. What Jan Ewoud managed to create is not only a fantastic brand but a true community of perfume lovers that share the same passion for beautiful and uncompromisable creations.


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With two decades of olfactory story-telling, Puredistance has conquered the heart of man people around the world. Everything related to this fantastic brand is made with high care, from creation to distribution. So if you are a true perfume lover and a refined aesthete, Puredistance is for you. Let’s celebrate the past twenty years of creation and welcome the next twenty with great joy.

José Amorim
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