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In 1884, Karl Elsener opened his cutler’s workshop in Ibach-Schwyz. In 1891 he supplied the soldier’s knife to the Swiss Army for the first time. He went on to develop the Swiss Officer’s and Sports Knife – now the iconic Swiss Army Knife – in 1897, creating the foundation for a flourishing company that would be able to hold its own on the world stage. Since then, Victorinox found the way to reinvent itself and still, remain truthful to its heritage. The creative universe of Victorinox seems endless and every year, the fans are pleased with new products which capitalize on the Swiss Army Knife world. This year, Victorinox launched the Onyx Black collection and we took the time to review the Victorinox Signature Lite Onyx Black.

The Onyx Black collection: The Magic Of The Inox-Spectral© process


When discovering the new Victorinox Onyx Black collection, the first striking element is the black metal from which the tools are made. Victorinox gave to its iconic pocket knife a glossy makeover, raising its style game to new heights. The black look is made possible thanks to a special polispectral process, the monochrome black finish not only looks timelessly classy, but it’s also extra durable, too. The polispectral process is also called Inox-Spectral©. It is am electrochemical process. the colour of pigment is not applied. The transparent chromium oxide is built up. Different colour effects can be achieved without changing the character of the stainless steel. The treatment is harmless to humans, the environment and in accordance with the applicable provisions of the European Framework regulation. See the process below in three steps.

Electrochemical process: The INOX-SPECTRAL® process is a computer-controlled electrochemical process; no colour or pigments – coat of lacquer or any other coating as well – are applied, the transparent chromium oxide layer is built up.

Interference effect: The interference effect is used; depending on the thickness of the applied chromium oxide layer, the composition of the light spectrum and the angle of view, different colour effects develop.

Stainless steel character: Due to the small thickness of the chromium oxide layer, the structure of the coloured surfaces has an undiminished effect; retained are not only the functional material properties, but also the optical quality inherent in the stainless steel.

The Victorinox Signature Lite Onyx Black: An Elegant Companion That Fits In Your Pocket.


The Victorinox Signature lite is the perfect daily companion to travel with you everywhere you go. It allies traditional pocket tool features with a ballpoint pen and a bright LED light. The SwissLite Pocket Knife offers all the features of the timeless Classic Swiss Army Knife and updates it with a powerful LED flashlight, so you never get caught in the dark. The 2.25-inch knife features the high-quality materials and performance that have come to be synonymous with the Swiss Army Victorinox brand including all stainless steel tools, rustproof aluminium alloy separators and a sturdy, stylish Cellidor handle. Equipped with a razor-sharp blade, a graduated ruler with a screwdriver, scissors and a key ring inox–you can count on a lifetime of use from this precision-crafted multi-tool knife. Like all Swiss Army Knives, the SwissLite carries a lifetime warranty from Victorinox. Here in this edition, let’s highlight the fact that for once, the Victorinox logo, the cross & shield, is in white colour and not in grey metal.


Here are the specific technical information about this pocket tool:

  • 7 Tools: LED, Pressurized ballpoint pen, small blade, Screwdriver 2.5mm, Ruler in cm, ruler in inches and key ring.
  • 12mm height
  • Net weight: 24g
  • Scale material: ABS/Cellidor

The Victorinox Signature Lite Onyx Black Collection: Playing With Light.

The Victorinox Signature Lite Onyx Black collection is a beautiful object that plays with contrasts of light and shadows. The elegance of the black dress on the stainless steel makes it a very contemporary object as elegant as useful. The ballpoint pen is a true qualitative pen that you can refill once the ink is over. The LED light is quite powerful to its size so you will never miss a detail anymore. The Black ABS/Cellidor scales brings a very sophisticated finish that will please all elegant fans.


The Onyx Black collection also has two other pocket tools: The Spartan and the Ranger grip 55. While the Spartan and the Signature Lite will cover the standard functionalities of a Swiss Pocket knife and be truthful to the soldier’s knife back in the 19th century, The Ranger pushes the functionality and the anatomy of the tool into much further, especially with the exceptional wood saw.

The-victorinox-Onyx-Black collection-review

This sleek collection is the ultimate elegance for a pocket tool. Discreet but yet outstanding by its look, the Victorinox Onyx collection will please all the fans but also a new customer, looking for a stylish tool to carry every day with your keys, your bag or simply in your pocket. You can discover more about this collection and other novelties by Victorinox in simply visiting the brand official website:

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