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France has one of the huge fast moving markets for Mobile phones. In the past months, there was the launch in France of a second hand mobile phone website called “L’Argus du Mobile” in which you can, not only check the value of your old mobile, but also sell it. All the main Mobile phones companies fight hard to get the best offers to their customers and these do not hesitate to change if a better offer appeals to them in another provider. In average, we keep our mobile phones for 2 years (or until Apple brings to the market a new iPhone :-)). So what happens to our old phones? According to L’Argus du Mobile, more than 50% of people just keep them. So why not sell it?

Here some prices for your second hand mobile:
phone prices argus du mobile

Not bad isn’t it?

In UK we already have at least 70 resellers for second hand mobile phones and now France has one. Affiliated to one of the biggest french second hand automobile website, Argus, these website will grow quite fast, especially that you can also find all different interesting news from the mobile world.

argus du mobile

According to the french website, the Argus group is aware of the real economic and environmental issues posed by Mobile and decides to extend its field of expertise to the mobile phone with

To accomplish this goal, L’argus has surrounded himself with experts in the field:

– Bertrand Ricq , 22 years of experience in telecoms (Alcatel, Nokia terminals Key Account Manager, Purchasing Manager Bouygues Telecom phone / tablet / SIM);

– Patrick Touzé, Director of Mixad in the group L’argus

– Driss Abdi, Editor experienced in the field of technology.

So why keep your mobile in the bottom of your drawer instead of giving it a new life?

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