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Friday Chronicles #27 – Top 4 luxury trends that you better watch out.

The luxury industry is completely redefining its scope right now. From the explosion of internet and specially Social Media, Millennials being so radical in terms of choices and a new luxury culture...

Exclusive Interview – Nadja Axarlis, Founder of FUZZ

The brand FUZZ is created in 2016 by Nadja Axarlis. She works first as a buyer for the famous Swiss department store Bongenie Grieder, which is why she knows the needs of...

Friday Chronicle #25: Why Programmatic is killing Luxury Brands

Digital is evolving is such ways that today we can target and track people in ways that we would not imagine 5 to 10 years ago. Barbarian words such as sequential targeting,...

Luxury news, a growing interest in the world.

The luxury industry has never been better. There is a new millionaire in China every hour, so the growing interest of people for luxury became a true fact. People from all over the world get interested to luxury and it is interesting to highlight how popular Luxury news magazines and newspapers have become.

Ruinart, more than a Champagne house, a patron in arts and culture.

There are 284 Champagne houses that produce around 170 million bottles every year. But some of them are iconic, unique and exceptionally on top of the game. Ruinart is definitely one of them. Ruinart is the first and the oldest Champagne Houses in the world. Its story delivers an amazing legacy providing an amazing universe of know-how, creativity and luxury.

Top 3 American Luxury brands to watch out in 2016

2015 is almost finished and we can already say it was a great year for American luxury brands. With 4% of growth, while economic crisis is high, the sector has deployed a...

Luxury news for milleniums, technology changed everything. 

The luxury market is supposed to grow every year by 3 to 7% worldwide. This means that it is an industry with a strong appealing to people. There is an ongoing increase...

ADPOCALYPSE, and the end of an era of digital advertising – Adblocker alert!

In 2015, ad blockers are supposed to cost $ 22 billion for all industries. This outstanding figures will be generated by ad banners that people will not see and that brands...

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