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“I wanted to be an Architect. As a Couturier I am obliged to follow the laws of Architecture”. Christian Dior.

dior VIIIDior is launching a very elegant Timepiece called Dior VIII. The Timepiece House celebrates the passion for haute-couture. A black luxury timepiece inspired by the “1947 new look” of Mr Dior. The swiss ateliers of Dior, crafted this timepiece by following the geometrical shapes of the Lady Dior bag. According to the inhouse designers, if Christian Dior had created a Timepiece, he would have designed Dior VIII.

The black color reflects the minimalistic Dior’s vision of luxury and once associated to ceramic, it brings a real qualitative aspect. Is ceramic the new Steel? More and more brands are using Ceramic as a main material. It is a resistant, easy to shape and still qualitative and elegant material, also adapted to women’s timepieces. ometimes “less is more”. Back to essentials is often a beautiful exercise.

Why VIII/8 ? Because eight is Mr Christian Dior lucky number. So it is already an iconic Timepiece for the brand. S

dior VIII38mm, automatic movement, dial set with diamonds.
Transparent case-back
Black high-tech ceramic and steel case
Black high-tech ceramic bracelet
Bezel set with black ceramic inserts and black dial set with diamonds.

3 versions with its variants: Day, Cocktail and Evening.

The official printed ad reveals Charlize Theron wearing a black jacket and the black watch on her wrist. By using the same spokes person than the company fragrance J’Adore, Dior is using the established notoriety in order to promote the Brand as a lifestyle brand.
dior VIII

Here is the presentation video, revealed during baselworld 2011:

and here the making-of video with Charlize Theron. She is just beautiful.

Tempted? for more information, check the brand dedicated minisite:

all images, courtesy of Dior