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Bleu de ChanelFinally we know the name of the new masculine fragrance of Chanel. It is Bleu de Chanel (Blue of Chanel). The fragrance was created, as usually by Jacques Polge the perfumerJacquesPolgeinhouse. The incredible thing is that most of latest Chanel fragrance names exist inhouse for more than 50 years. Mademoiselle was a fragrance created by Ernest Beaux in 1945. Beige was created in 1930 as well as Bleu. And they have hundreds of historical fragrances with incredible names. Here some examples: Glamour de Chanel, Rouge de Chanel, Ambre de Chanel, Une idée de Chanel (brilliant idea!), Ivoire, Three moods, MAdemoiselle Chanel N°31 et N°2, Cynique (I love it), N°s 20, 27, 14, 18, 55, 11, 31, 46 et 10. And these represent only a few examples…Le1940BeigedeChanel

But any way, Bleu will be a new story. And of course, as Chanel always think big, they hired the biggest director ever: Martin Scorsese, just that!!! As a french brand, the 26 years old actor Gaspard Ulliel was chosen. His career is pretty “french” but we must say he played the role ofCHANEL_Martin_Scorsese_Gaspard_UllielHannibal Lecter in the film Hannibal Rising (4th film but a prequel to Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs). So he is a young but a sulfurous actor. The only detail we know is the soundtrack. It is a Rolling Stone music called “She said yeah”. Here is the song… I predict that Scorsese and the Stones suppose rock n Roll !

The new fragrance will be available on the 19th of August with 2 sizes: 50ML (54€)  and 100ML (74€).

I look foward checking the TV AD as soon as it is ready.