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Chanel launched 3 new videos about Chance, Chance Eau fraîche and Chance Eau Tendre. 3 fresh and interesting spots with a smile on top.


We can see the top model Sigrid Agren. She is half french-swedish and she has worked for many top fashion houses as a model: Chloé, Lanvin, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Stella McCartey…  She totally represents the innocence of Youth in which everything is possible, you just need to cease your … chance! She is 17 years old, still continuing studies and she is a perfect example of Chance.

Of course we need to mention the huge work of creation of Jean-Paul Goude for translating the fragrance concept into film and pictures. His eye is always there behind the camera and he is today one of the biggest creative forces in France.

The challenge is that from all Chanel fragrances, Chance is the less “Chanel-conventional”, so the Brand DNA needed to be a little challenged here. The entire line franchise is represented: Eau de Parfum, Eau Fraîche and Eau Tendre.


It is nice, elegant, cleverly done and gives you the smile without any complexity. That means that the work is done well. I am not sure that Chanel will build up its future on Chance, certainly not, but they are happy to support this creation with high qualitative content… which is not that common in these days.

According to Jean-Paul Goude: “Chance? You need to be ready for Chance, otherwise your chance will just walk by you and you never get it“.

So, feeling lucky?



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