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I am by far the biggest fan of the holiday season. The end of the year is the perfect time to review everything we have accomplished and all the small wonders we can see in life. Some luxury houses know how to celebrate the season and bring sparkles to our eyes. CHANEL is unveiling an amazing new collection called THE HOLIDAY 2021 COLLECTION N°5. In 2021, to celebrate one of the most iconic fragrances turned legend and its 100 years of celebrity, the House of CHANEL has designed a collection of exclusive, limited-edition creations.

CHANEL N°5: Unique and revolutionary from the start

A complex fragrance blend, a streamlined bottle, a number for a name. When Gabrielle Chanel invented N°5 in 1921, she created a fragrance unlike any other, instantly ushering the fragrances of the era out of fashion. With N°5, Mademoiselle broke free of convention and revolutionized the world of perfumery. An olfactory masterpiece that paved the way for modern perfumery, N°5 is the manifestation of a resounding success, as well as a fabulous story of self-fulfilment. There are definitely anniversaries to be remembered.

Photo: Courtesy of CHANEL

This year CHANEL is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its iconic fragrance CHANEL N°5. From its inception in 1921, it became the ultimate icon of the modern fragrance, a true revolution at its launch. While the perfumery market lives on life cycles of 2 years, true creations with a soul cross decades and still represent a leading voice to the industry. CHANEL N°5 shattered uses and conventions from its creation. In the early 1920s, Gabrielle Chanel had already changed Fashion outlook by offering a new allure. Her first fragrance is in line with her innovative creations of highly studied simplicity. Revolutionary in its composition, CHANEL N°5 is also the first perfume imagined by a woman for women.

What a perfect way to finish this year of celebration than launching a unique and outstanding limited-edition collection.

The CHANEL Holiday 2021 Collection N°5

Photo: Courtesy of CHANEL

For almost a century, N°5 has inspired more than one person and serves as a reminder of the creator’s complete freedom in making it a success. Gabrielle Chanel chose to reduce N°5 to its bare elements in 1921. There is no unnecessary adornment on the bottle, package, or label. The most remarkable manifestation of the House’s spirit is N°5.

CHANEL has produced a new and unique version of N°5 Eau de Parfum 100 years later. The bottle now contains recycled glass for the first time while maintaining its exceptionally pure, brilliant, translucent appearance. This high-quality glass was created utilizing an innovative recycling method thanks to long-standing cooperation with POCHET du COURVAL, a Living Heritage Company (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant).

Photo: Courtesy of CHANEL

The box has also been redesigned. Made with biodegradable paper pulp, it feels sensuous to the touch and closely enfolds the distinctive shape of the legendary bottle. Lastly, Mademoiselle Chanel’s lucky number, 5, is inscribed in gold on the label of this exclusive reinterpretation. The same concept applies to N°5 L’EAU, one of 5 interpretations of the fragrance created by In-House Perfumer Creator Olivier Polge, whose label is adorned with a silver number 5.

CHANEL N°5, The Calendar

Now, my fan’s heart is about to shake: in addition to the gorgeous N°5 Eau de Parfum, CHANEL will reveal a breathtaking holiday season advent calendar. It is for sure THE calendar of the season that should end the year on a high note.

Photo: Courtesy of CHANEL

Shaped like an enormous bottle of N°5, this holiday calendar was designed as a work of art and is available in limited quantities. Far from conventional, the calendar includes 27 boxes numbered from 5 to 31. 5 for the perfume, 31 for the mythical address. Everything makes sense, as always, with CHANEL.

The question that might be burning your lips right now might be: What does the calendar contain? It contains some of the CHANEL House’s most iconic products. Among its many surprises are a limited-edition ROUGE ALLURE lipstick inspired by N°5, LE VERNIS in a new shade of red, and a bottle of N°5 Eau de Parfum, as well as a bracelet bearing the number 5, a one-of-a-kind snow globe, and a host of other accessories dedicated to the fragrance and designed just for the occasion.

N°5 Grand Extrait Baccarat 2021ML

Gabrielle Chanel always dreamed big and has always seen a big ambition for her Luxury house. This holiday season, CHANEL is launching the largest bottle of CHANEL N°5 produced by the House to date. Only 55 of these hand-numbered pieces are available. This monumental bottle contains 2021ml of fragrance. This number was due to chance: 2021, to mark the year that N°5 celebrates 100 years of celebrity, but also because the sum of its four digits equals 5. 

Photo: Courtesy CHANEL

Born from the extraordinary collaboration between CHANEL and BACCARAT craftsmanship, N°5 is presented in its most precious form: the Parfum. The golden colour of the fragrance is elevated by the purity of the Baccarat crystal bottle, cut like a diamond using a unique technique. BACCARAT has unparalleled crystal glass know-how and has developed for decades precise high-standard perfumery know-how. A fragrance’s bottle is a precise and qualitative exercise requiring a complete mastery of raw materials, light reflection and purity.

This unique exercise is completely true to the original design, and it is adorned with a white label and crowned with a faceted cabochon. Each exquisite, custom, hand-engraved piece is housed in a white dipped lambskin coffret whose design echoes the original packaging. This exceptional bottle is paired with a Baccarat crystal wand for precise application to the pulse points: behind the earlobe, on the neckline, and the inside of the wrist.

N°5 Holiday MakeUp Collection 2021

Last but definitely not least, CHANEL brings the magical colours of the holiday season to your makeup palette. A beautiful and poetic creation to sheer your beauty addict heart. The style codes of N°5 inspired CHANEL’s Makeup Creation Studio for its HOLIDAY 2021 collection, which celebrates the golden amber colour of the fragrance and combines it with shades of black, white, and red, the colour of life.

Photo: Courtesy of CHANEL

Now, wearing CHANEL N°5 not only means enjoying the sensuous experience of applying fragrance but also wearing warm, luminous makeup, complete with an intense red lip. Emblematic of this approach is the Les 4 Ombres eye palette, which has been reinvented as a N°5-themed, limited-edition release, with shades inspired by the colours of the perfume bottle. ROUGE ALLURE is also available in new packaging that celebrates N°5. Opulent, sensual, fascinating, it becomes all the more desirable.

After all these amazing items, my beauty-addicted heart is definitely looking forward to the incoming holiday season. CHANEL crafted an amazing year of anniversary to one of the most iconic fragrances of all. The holiday season is the perfect occasion to bring a grand finale to this celebration. A celebration that we will all remember for a long time.

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