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Discover Nailmatic, a young dynamic nail polish brand that completely found its target: The generation Y or who we call the Millenials. So it is about creativity, nail polish, innovation and high-tech.


 Nailmatic, why nail polish ? Because !

The beauty market is one of the most dynamic segments of the luxury overall industry. Fragrances and skincare are traditionally the 2 engines that leaded the way in the segments for several years. Nevertheless due to a heavy competition, market segmentation and probably a lack of dynamism, these 2 activities have been stagnating a lot. 2 other segments took the lead since 2000: MakeUp and especially Nail Polish. Look the figures.

2012-2013 represented a worldwide record with  7.5 billion US$ spent on nail services. According to Euromonitor, nail polish sales increased by 43% from 2008 and 2012. In comparison, lipstick sales increased only by 7% and facial makeup by 11%. Euromonitor also says that 60% of women in developed countries take time to varnish their nails. And this figure reaches 72% of the 16 to 24 years olds. And let’s accept it: only 7% of women use false nails.

Celebrities in Nail art are today one of the biggest influencers on the beauty industry. Thanks to the development of internet, especially Social Media, hundreds of nail art websites and blog appeared. Some of them have a bigger traffic than well known beauty magazines.

Nailmatic, the answer to Generation Y

Nailmatic aim or mission is to provide the best qualitative nail polish at an affordable price, every where and every time. How? By distributing their products via automated distribution machines in the streets, in department stores… everywhere.




Why? Because they want to talk to a generation of women who are urban, mobile, super busy and yet fashionable and paying attention to their look. These generation, called the millenials or generation Y are very different from the baby boomers and generation X (previous generation). They are confident, tolerant and conscious with their acts. They are the first generation being born with internet and social media. We also call them generation ME, as they are more into customization, personalization and narcissism than then previous generations. The affirmation of their individual identity is stronger than never. They have money, time to spend on getting information about brands and services and are hyper connected.


Nailmatic is completely aligned on this generation. The company reflects their lifestyle and the way they shop. Why a 13 – 24 years old women would by from nailmatic?

  • Best qualitative nail polish at 5€ the product. 30€ for 7 colours.
  • The texture is innovative and super easy to apply
  • All made in France
  • available online and on automated distributors for an easy access
  • All colours are trendy
  • They work a lot with bloggers, nail art celebrities.
  • All the successful communication goes via viral, word of mouth and digital.

Nailmatic, the clevest idea of all

At the beginning, it was the idea of 2 men: Boris Gratini, current CEO and Liliam Monnier. Their vision was to create a young, trendy and completely out-of-the-box company. They wish to sell the best qualitative product they can propose at an affordable price and with a great availability by all.


With already 5 automated distributors in Paris, all in edgy addresses like Citadium, Printemps Paris, BHV or Le 66, Nailmatic are really talking to trendy and influential people.

Nailmatic, innovative communication above all

Why should you have the best product in the world if nobody would know about it? Nailmatic definitely knows that and they started a very innovative communication strategy towards bloggers, digital nail art fans and influent people overall. Even stars got interested on them as you can see here a message published by Ines de la Fressange


Do you know the difference between word of mouth and Viral ? The first one you do not control it. The second one you do by channeling the communication towards your target. And Nailmatic do it very well.

In order to keep growing, especially in the areas of communication, events and partnerships, the Nailmatic team is growing. This month we got the information of the arrival of Nardjisse Ben Mebarek as Communication & Partnerships Director – Associate.


According to an article published on CB News, her aim is to make Nailmatic to grow and to structure the events team. Nardjisse is an expert on Brand digital influence. Fashion blogger, luxury professional, she will be an asset  for the innovative brand.

Nail art and Digital, the “Tchika boom” of social media.

Nailmatic has been very successful with blog contests, content for social media and their facebook page and twitter account are very dynamic.



Of course nail art is one of the biggest trends right now on social media. A self-expression art that girls from all over the world tend to develop. And some of these nail artists became as famous as celebrities, like Chelsea King, an american blogger who became a super star nail artist with her 90’000 followers on Instagram.

The brand made the buzz and because they made the buzz, the press and even television got interested on the phenomenon. Here is a video of french television, Canal+, showing the brand products and demonstration.

Please access the brand official networks for more information:

Facebook page: 

Colour up your life with Nailmatic.


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