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Victorinox, the iconic Swiss brand for Pocket knives, is bursting its way successfully in the beauty market. With millions of Fragrances sold all around the world, now, they opened a new chapter: Face care for men. In deed, they are launching under the Swiss Unlimited line, a new generation of skincare product. At luxuryactivist, we had the chance to try it.



Victorinox Fragrances complete the universe of Victorinox and of the original Swiss Army Knife. This universe includes Pocket and Kitchen knives, but also Travel Gear, Timepieces, Fashion or Fragrances. Victorinox fragrances convey an experience of the breathtaking beauty, freedom, and the freshness of Switzerland. With their fragrance families Swiss Unlimited and Swiss Army, Victorinox’s fragrance designers have successfully combined this characteristic alpine freshness with the values of modern, urban Switzerland to create a one-of-a-kind “Swiss Feeling.”


The Swiss Unlimited fragrance lines convey the feeling of leaving behind an urban environment to escape to the limitless space and freshness of the mountains on the weekend. Its fresh scent creations are convincing, and the unique and clever features of its flacons are award-winning. In this fragrance line, all the ingenuity of the Swiss army knife is concentrated.


The Swiss brand took what Switzerland has to offer at its best in order to launch one of the most advanced face care product for men. And this is the new Swiss Unlimited Face Serum 50ML. According to the brand, this serum is a true Swiss Army knife of  Men’sFace care.

Multi-functionality is definitely one of the most important words in our modern lives. Everything goes fast. People are mobile, they experience different situations in a same day and more important, they need true companions for their daily adventures. And this is why Victorinox developed a deep expertise into multi-functionality, all inspired by the invention of the Swiss Army knife.

Victorinox global brand

Victorinox proved being the expert brand in this domain. And we can only be around for such long time thanks to a high level of innovation and quality. All these values wrapped with the purity and the richness of Swiss Alpine nature, and you get one of the most advanced Face care products for men.

The Formula

What is striking in this serum is the modernity of its formula. The texture is just perfect for a easy use, no matter if you have half an hour of 2 minutes. You might also need to use it in your car, on the run, in busy mornings. Fluid and non-sticky, the formula has the right balance within a comfort zone. Which makes it perfect for any usage. Some of you might use it after shaving, others as a day care or even some of you might use it twice a day (morning and evening). The ingredients are the alliance of modern cosmetology and swiss inspirations.

Panthenol and Pro-Vitamin B5 are key in the formula to protect the man’s skin against razor burn. It also helps soothing the skin in order to keep a smooth touch. Hyaluronic acid increases the skin elasticity. It gives a youthful and healthy look.

Inspired by the natural skin protection process, Apple moist, a composite of Pectin and Algae extracts, boosts the skin metabolism and activates a strong protection.

Vitamin E, as one of the most efficient antioxidants, will save your skin against environmental aggressions like pollution or UV rays.

Finally but not least in the formula, Victorinox harvest the hidden secrets from Swiss nature at the service of this amazing formula. Organic Genepi extract will play its role as a anti-bacterial fighter. It also prevents from irritation. The last touch for a modern gentleman, it is the duo of Absinth and Silver Fir leave extracts. It will offer you a pleasant sensation of freshness, like a burst of fresh, pure air from the Alps.

The packaging 

The first interesting detail on this product packaging is the Swiss Army knife illustration that you can see on the carton box.

Here the symbol is very strong and simple to understand. With this Face care product, your skin will never fail. The product promise is clear: multi-functional, quality and reliability. The benefits for the consumer? One of the most useful and efficient products in the market.

Another packaging element also important: the pump. No cap, so we do not loose it! the integrated pump in the packaging brings a clever and modern look to the product. It also makes it very compact, so perfect for traveling.

Using one of the last generations of delivery pump, the gesture is precise, economic and clean. The red and metal aspect of the packaging connects not only to the Victorinox color codes but also to masculine edgy universe.

The 50ML / 1.69 Fl oz. Serum will be sold at a recommended retail price of CHF 49.00, around $53.00.

Available from now on, you can already see it on the European dedicated online shop here:
Victorinox fragrances eshop

So, get yourself a beautiful face thanks to this cutting-edge face care product by Victorinox Fragrances.


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