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What is surprising with Swiss Ingenuity is the large numbers of possibilities. Victorinox is the proud ambassador of such philosophy and the Swiss manufacturer has season after season innovated in the fashion industry. They propose a modern and clever fashion, crafted for outdoor and daily adventures. Here is our review of the new Fall-Winter collection by Victorinox. It is our Swiss Blog of the month.

This is how Victorinox describes the new collection: “In the new-season collection from Victorinox, we embrace craftsmanship, celebrating artisanal skills and enjoying innovative textiles in apparel and accessories designed for endurance. The pieces in the new collection showcase the company’s trademark Swiss quilting in unexpected ways. Another key element in the collection is Damascus steel – the patterned metal giving a blade an interesting and artisanal look. Its distinctive markings are made using a handcrafting technique dating back to medieval times.”



What we can say is that Victorinox allies design, functionality, quality and innovation. Their attachment to details is extreme. Every single piece of clothe will represent an unlimited amount of details that put together will make the perfect outfit for your daily adventure. The new collection is called Modern Craft. It summarizes centuries of craftsmanship, like a true legacy for future generations.

Winter is coming, so we need to be prepared. What makes the new collection perfect for the season? First things first: Fabrics. The choice of materials, from comfort to warmth, gives you the feeling to wrap yourself on it and enjoy the healthy outdoor life. Having an active life, means you need the right companions to follow you on any path you explore. Design is crucial and it rules the Victorinox fashion. Architecture, craftsmanship, ingenuity will be the key elements for Victorinox Fall-Winter 2016.

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Inspired by craftsmanship, the all idea of the new collection is to bring noble materials used for centuries by talented craftsmen in order to add a “plus” to the items. Here below a few close-ups about certain details that will seduce you for sure. The new-season collection from Victorinox perfectly embodies the meeting of modernity and heritage that lies at the root of everything this Swiss company does. It’s a combination that is more generally characteristic of the country’s design and culture.

In order to inspire and to create the buzz, Victorinox organised fashion shows in each of their flagship stores. Customers and partners could discover the new collection, discuss with Victorinox people and even buy already the new pieces. Here below some images from the event at the Geneva flagship store in which we had the pleasure to attend. We were lucky as the event happened under the eyes of Mrs and Mr Elsener, the company owners.


Employing the company’s signature Swiss quilting, the System allows a range of liners and jackets to be worn alone or snapped into one another – via popper fastenings – therefore ensuring versatility and enduring appeal. In developing a way to enable the wearer to renew a jacket season after season by simply combining it with a liner – a trans- seasonal stalwart in its own right – Victorinox is also promoting sustainability, as well as creating the perfect adaptable wardrobe.

Another Modern Craft initiative is a series of limited-edition pieces inspired by the art of Makers. With names such as the Masonry coat, Craftsman sweater, Machinist utility shirt and Sculptors vest, these items – there
are six in all – are modern interpretations of old-world artisans’ purpose-made workwear. The fabrics used have a vintage look – moleskin and selvage denim, herringbone and heathered wool – but the collection is brought up to date by modern styling. Welded pockets with reverse-coil zippers, bungee cords as button holes and laser-cut eyelets give a contemporary feel. The result is a distinctive modern/heritage blend that suggests the very best in quality, craftsmanship, and innovation.




As you can see, season after season, collection after collection, Victorinox pushes its fashion story always a little more further. Visit the company website to learn more about its amazing products:

In a world where design rules, Victorinox is a Swiss Champion. Like a Swiss Army knife, the new collection is sharp, functional, clever and each piece of clothe and accessories will never let you down. Heritage and tradition set visions of tomorrow.

José Amorim


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