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sharp 3D LCD screenSharp Electronics has unveiled Friday its newest product which is a touch-sensitive liquid crystal display (LCD) that shows 3D images without the need for viewers to wear special glasses. In a conference with the media, Sharp said the new LCD can support three-dimensional images at a distance of 30 cm (or 12 inch) from the screen without requiring a person to wear special glasses for 3D images. The company said the 3D screen is using a technology called parallax which can display image dimensions simultaneously to each eye while retaining picture quality, thus giving the illusion that viewers are looking at three-dimension images. According to Sharp, the 3D touchscreen can be used in several consumer gadgets including gaming consoles, mobile phones, digital photo frames, and digital cameras.

The interesting thing will be to have the 3D DVD players, DVD, Game consoles and perhaps even laptops… The 3D mania is here to stay…