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It is true that we cannot succeed everything, and with the launch of the new fragrance by Balenciaga – Flora Botanica – it is precisely the case. Basically we cannot understand why such a launch. Is Coty Inc, the owners of the Balenciaga fragrance license putting pressure on Balenciaga ? Or is it just “Ok, we got it wrong”.


As we can see the new “egerie” is Kristen Stewart. And here already troubles start. Why her? She is the typical “non-active” girl, sulky and without too much energy. Finally the perfect victim of vampires :-). I am a little hard here, sorry. But essentially she is a cliché and that is what I criticize the most Balenciaga’s choice. After a magnificent Charlotte Gainsbourg, completely out of the mainstreams, they just go 360 degrees on the cliché-girl.

The name now. FLORABOTANICA. Probably they tried to stick to a certain heritage and elegance brought by the very successful launch of Balenciaga Paris (simple beautiful). But here something does not sound correct. FLORABOTANICA in one word bring us into a conceptual vision of nature, which is also, somehow, represented by these beatnik decoration.

Of course when we think about these name, we also think about FLORA by Gucci. Which I find, by the way, much more chic and elegant than the Balenciaga.
Flora by Gucci

I also think about Aqua Allegoria FLORA Nimphea by Guerlain. More naturalist and perfumistic.

The flacon looks like a Pierre Cardin one from the 80’s. Frankly not well done.

In terms of colors, we can see there is a coherence with the preview of the winter 2012-13 fashion collection (which is also very 80’s).
Check it here:

Nicolas Guesquière cannot decide about everything. We can see there are limitations. I did not evaluate the scent but I look forward to. The official press release describes it as a contrasting fragrance. The inspiration behind Florabotanica is described by Balenciaga as “not just a pretty flower, but a pretty dangerous flower.”

According to the Artistic director himself: “Kristen represents perfectly the modernity style of our new fragrance thanks to her sensitiveness and her unique intelligence.


Balenciaga is looking for a young consumer (is this why the rose color?).

Olivier Polges and Jean-Christophe Hérault, working for IFF, created the fragrance. Notes includes Mint, Rose, Carnation, Caladium leaf, Vetiver and Amber.

The launch will take place in September and 3 different flacon formats were created: 30, 50 and 100ml Eau de Parfum.

The campaign images were taken by top photographer Steven Meisel and feature Kristen wearing a dress from the Balenciaga SS08 collection and staring straight at the camera.

So sometimes not all creations are magically brilliant.



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