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After directing the first BLEU DE CHANEL campaign in 2010, Martin Scorsese is once again using his creative genius to portray the many facets of a man who is forging his own path. In a world where the bright lights of fame tend to blind us to reality, Timothée Chalamet portrays a man who sets off on a quest to find himself, following only his own instinct, in a deeply candid role written just for him.

“The world has changed. There’s another aspect to celebrity in a way. Which is even more extreme than 10 or 15 years ago.”

Martin Scorsese

The American director’s film explores the delicate ambivalence between the overexposure that comes with fame, which causes the actor to live a scripted version of his life, and his profound desire to seek authenticity in his craft.
Like a call to embrace one’s true essence, contrast-filled scenes shot in black and white depict the duality between the character’s celebrity persona and his dark side, while flashes of blue, which symbolize hope, provide glimmers of optimism. This playful use of colour culminates in the final scene, in which Chalamet’s character, plunged into mysterious and charismatic blue, comes face-to-face with his inner truth, illustrating the campaign’s message: “Find your blue, find yourself.”

A campaign directed by film legend Martin Scorsese and embodied by actor and BLEU DE CHANEL ambassador Timothée Chalamet ushers in a new era for the House’s iconic fragrance.

Inspired by the magnetic pull and timeless spirit of this fresh, luminous scent, Scorsese, an icon, and Chalamet, one of the boldest actors of this generation, worked together for the first time ever to create a contemporary picture of free, daring, and determined self-discovery.

BLEU DE CHANEL has just the right amount of conviction and intensity to represent a man who refuses to be typecast. A man who dismisses facades and who is not afraid to let vulnerability show through his tough, disarming exterior.

Olivier Polge, CHANEL In-House Perfumer-Creator

In the ever-evolving tapestry of society, CHANEL has consistently been ahead of the curve, intuitively grasping societal shifts. Woven deeply into its brand DNA is a legacy of forward-thinking and innovation. BLEU DE CHANEL is not just a fragrance; it’s a bold proclamation of freedom, a reimagining of masculinity that dares to stray from dated clichés. Among many fleeting fragrances launched in the market, CHANEL’s prowess in establishing BLEU DE CHANEL as an iconic touchstone in an increasingly fragmented market is commendable. Entrusting this grand narrative to the masterful hands of Martin Scorsese and the magnetic allure of Timothée Chalamet speaks volumes; only the very best can truly encapsulate such a transcendent creation.

José Amorim
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