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The more we step into 2017, the more we wish the world to be a better place. Away from politics and hard news, J.M.Weston brings a window of poetry and do-good message thanks to a new artistic collaboration. This Spring, the French luxury house reveals a collaboration with French actor Omar Sy and Oxmo Puccino. The short film is called “Le Beau Dormant”, Male Sleeping beauty in French. J.M.Weston rolls-out its amazing universe with a modern vision of masculine elegance. Omar Sy represents strong common values with the French Manufacturer. It is also the good occasion to reveal the new summer collection.

J.M.Weston, the spirit of freedom

JM Weston invented in 1946 one of the most iconic men’s shoes of all: the Mocassin or Penny Loafer. The famous model n.180 became an icon of masculine elegance throughout the years. Years later, J.M. Weston dared to reinvent the Mocassin by launching the MOC, a flexible, essential version of the 180. The interior buttresses disappeared, the leather skins are carefully chosen for their flexibility and their maintenance, assembly is carefully achieved through expertise always perfected. It is a story about comfort and absolute lightness, an inimitable look in keeping clean the lines of moccasin 180. With this new shoe, J.M.Weston remains truthful to the foundation spirit of the house made of freedom, creativity, spontaneity and elegance. It is also a way to remind the “bande du Drugstore” which is a strong symbol of youth and eternal dynamism.

Despite its English-sounding name, J.M Weston embodies a very French – and more precisely, very Parisian – form of elegance, in which timeless style is given a bold twist with contemporary influences. The great classics are injected with the freshness of a rather nonchalant rock ‘n’ roll aristocracy, rich and raw materials rub shoulders, calfskin suede goes hand in hand with box leather, cashmere is found alongside denim, and the medallion wing-tip derby echoes the loafer.

“ In 1966, we were all wearing Weston ‘mocs’. If ever the Drug launched a lasting fashion craze, this was it ” – François Armanet – La Bande du Drugstore, Editions Denoël, 1999

J.M. Weston, friend of artists

As a generous luxury house, J.M.Weston opens its doors to many artistic collaborations. From these collaborations rises amazing film projects. Artists co-interpretate the spirit of J.M.Weston and the results are generally very interesting. The main goal being in general to present or reveal a facet of the French Manufacturer via an artistic prism. So far here is the list of artistic collaborations:

  • André Saraiva and The Shoe
  • Cédric Klapisch and La Chose Sûre
  • James Bort and the film dedicated to the Moc’
  • Thomas Tyman et Paris est un ballet, avec Mathieu Ganio
  • Thomas Tyman et le clip des Citizens Fade Out
  • Oxmo Puccino et Le Beau dormant, avec Omar Sy et Alexia Giordano
In the photo from left to right: Omar Sy, Alexia Giordano and Oxmo Puccino

J.M. Weston and Le Beau Dormant – A contemporary fairy tale.

With the new artistic collaboration, J.M.Weston brings back a great story telling. As every fairy tale, it all start with a “once upon a time” there was a funny and elegant actor who dreamed of playing the charming prince. Once upon a time there was a candy-colored shoe that would be the star of the day. To tell the story of this modern tale, Omar Sy gathered a bunch of friends and collaborators. Alexia Giordano, young actress and dancer of classical formation, plays the spirited princess. The rapper Oxmo Puccino passes behind the camera and co-signs with Edouard Ardan the music of the Beau Dormant whose decoration was imagined by the artist and designer Mathias Kiss. As the original Loafer gathered a group of young and talented people around the same spirit, here we can see Le Moc that inspires a great story telling. All to be revealed at the heart of Paris, in the ephemeral boutique in Champs Elysées.








The film is also the story of a group of friends. Omar Sy is a good friend of Oxmo Puccino and they wanted to have a collaboration for quite a while. The French rapper leaves the microphone to be behind the camera. He will portrait a modern look of all the references from our childhood. Of course there was a need to find the right partner for Omar Sy. The choice of Alexia Giordano was an evidence. She has already played with Omar Sy in the movie called “Chocolat”. She is also an accomplished dancer and represents this contemporary idea of youth.

Le Moc, the summer rendez-vous

Omar Sy wears the new collection for summer 2017. Le Moc gets new colors and this film illustrated marvelously the spontaneous elegance of the new collection. With Le Moc Weston, the French luxury house highlights one of the key elements of its know-how: the leather! By destructuring the mocassin, JM Weston needs to pay a huge attention to the quality and the choice of the leathers in order to keep comfort and shape. With the amazing colors, it is a hint of summer that Weston reveals. The Moc escapes the urban formal ambiences to get more summertime spirit. You can associate the Moc with a rolled up pants, a linen shirt slipped casually: that’s when the Moc makes sense in an eternal quest for freedom. With the new pink color, J.M.Weston redefines the codes for elegance. It brings originality to men’s wardrobe and gets you away from a grey landscape that sometimes the world is. Like the artistic collaboration with Le Moc Klein Blue, this time another intense color will dress your feet.




You can visit the official website of the French Luxury manufacturer by clicking in the following link:

JM Weston has been French avant-garde since 1891. The iconic style of the luxury house has shaped masculine elegance throughout several generations of men. By associating the Brand values and image with someone like Omar Sy, J.M.Weston signs a strong portrait about French panache, creative culture, a contemporary and young vision of elegance. This summer, your feet deserve the best.

José Amorim


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