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Today was the reveal ceremony of the Christmas windows of Le Printemps, Luxury department store in Paris. This year, Dior is the partner Brand and for this special evening, Marion Cotillard herself, Dior’s egerie, was invited.

Marion Cotillard Dior Le Printemps

Every year, the reveal ceremony of Le Printemps’s christmas windows is a major event. The luxury department store is for sure bringing luxury to its edge. Last year, they did Christmas with Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld and Vanessa Paradis came for the inauguration. So this year, it was Dior’s turn and everything was made huge. Dozens of national televisions and journalists, many VIP guests and the amazing animated windows of the Boulevard.

Marion Cotillard Dior Le Printemps

You can see here a video showing the precise moment of this inauguration with the arrival of Marion Cotillard

AFPTV- F.Novial and N.Bekkouche


Each year, Le Printemps does things huge. We all forget that Vuitton is at Galleries Lafayette. Really? So, the idea or theme is “Parisian inspirations” and with such a theme you can imagine that elegance, chic and sexiness are at the menu.

Dior Le Printemps christmas

As partner brand, Dior is also promoting the animation via dedicated content in their website and an email-marketing to support these.

Dior at Le Printemps

In all the Printemps windows you can see the magical animated characters and this year the iconic Dior silhouette is the signature. Nothing more parisian than Dior.
Do not hesitate to connect to Le Printemps official website. In terms of products highlight, a serie of limited editions Dior for Printemps were made. Let’s highlight the limited editions of J’adore by Dior, one in Baccarat crystal and another one made especially for Le Printemps by french artist Jean Michel Othoniel. In 2000, a century after Hector Guimard, Jean-Michel Othoniel transformed the Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre into the Kiosque des Noctambules: two crowns made of glass and aluminum conceal a bench designed for chance encounters in the sleepy city.

J'adore Dior Baccarat crystal

J'adore Dior limited edition

Mr. Cedric Dauch, Communication Manager at Printemps answered our questions in duplex from Paris:

LuxuryActivist (LA): How would you describe this especial evening in a couple of words?
Cedric Dauch (CD): Magical, dreamy, starry glamor. Marion Cotillard was divinely beautiful and the windows are exquisite.

LA: What Dior thought about the evening?
CD: They loved it!

At Luxuryactivist, Christmas is at Le Printemps.


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