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Victorinox launched an innovative concept of a pop-up store on top of Rio de Janeiro Sugar Loaf mountain, the famous Pão de Açucar. Brazil and Switzerland have never been so united. Our report here.

Victorinox and Brazil, an important focus for the incoming years

2014 marked the 130th anniversary of Victorinox. Founded by the visionary mind of Karl Elsener in 1884, it took only 4 generations for this Family owned company to become a multinational player. As a true ambassador for Switzerland, Victorinox symbolizes the true Swiss ingenuity around Quality, Innovation, Iconic Design and Multi-functionality. The makers of the original Swiss Army Knife became over the years an universal icon and has millions of fans all around the world. Brazil is an important market for Victorinox. According to Mr Karl Kieliger, Victorinox Brazil CEO, it is the aim of the Swiss Brand to invest consequently in Brazil. The ambition is to place Brazil until 2016 in the Brand top 15 markets in the world. Victorinox Brazil has its 4th year with a double digit growth and the Swiss Brand expects to pursuit this solid development in the future years. The brand has already a dedicated space in São Paulo, Cidade Jardim, and the next step for Victorinox will be an owned concept store.
Victorinox currently develops special products dedicated to the Brazilian market, a stronger presence in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro. Partnerships like the one with CBF, the Brazilian Soccer association, is leading to the creation of unique products for the pleasure of Brazil and Brazil fans.



In Rio, the “city of wonders”, Cidade maravilhosa in Portuguese, Victorinox developed an unique, innovative Brand display with a special operation on the Sugar Loaf mountain – Pão de Açucar. Some how, mountains might unite Switzerland and Brazil for an unique experience. Victorinox Brazil is investing 30% of their Marketing budget into this experience and they hope to increase local sales by 15% and to establish the brand and product awareness in the country. Tourists will be in the target as well as the Sugar Loaf is one of the top spots in Rio. High of 396m, the Sugar Loaf mountain is in a perfect location, close by Rio city center in the Botafogo Bay. It is one of the most recognizable mountains in the world, often used to represent Rio in postcards as well as in movies. We all remember 1979 James Bond movie Moonraker in which the vilan “Shark” had a good fight with Roger Moore’s character of James Bond inside one of the Sugar Loaf’s cable cars.

The Sugar Loaf is a mountain and Victorinox knows a lot about mountains and cable-cars

For the first time in history, the Sugar Loaf mountain in Rio welcomes a brand in a pop-store. The experience starts already in the famous cable-cars that will bring visitors from Praia Vermelha, Urca to the top of the mountain. Victorinox took as inspiration certain activities the brand does in Switzerland in the Swiss cable-cars. Now visitors in Rio can experience an original display in their way up to the Mirador. This gives already a taste of what they will find up there in the pop-up store.
Sugar Loaf Rio de Janeiro

Sugar Loaf Cable car
Once you arrive there, you will be stroke by the huge billboard in which people can sign and leave a message as well as the presence of a giant, animated Swiss Army knife character. Final but not least visitors will discover the modern pop-up store, an exclusive concept developed by the Victorinox retail team. Inside this clever store, visitors from all over the world will be able to discover all Victorinox products with a focus of Pocket Knives, Cutlery, Fragrances and Watches.




The right moment to be in Brazil, Soccer cup and the Olympics

Brazil is an economic giant that requires some specifics. The internal market as well as the all tourism segment represent a tremendous growth opportunities for brands who play it well. The Soccer World Cup in 2014 and the incoming Olympic games in 2016 makes Brazil to become the hot spot of the world. With a booming economy, Brands will lift business opportunities like nowhere. It is the right moment to invest in Brazil but you need to do it well as competition is hard and you might not be the one doing it.
With all these sports events, Brazil tourism is blooming. Not only internal tourism is growing consequently every year (Brazilians love to travel inside their country) but foreigners are little by little discovering Brazil as a main destination for business and leisure. By adopting this outstanding position, Victorinox places the company and the Brand as a key player in the Brazilian market, increasing product awareness and market share.
Mr Carl Elsener, 4th generation at the head of the company, leads the family business wisely and surely. He explains that Victorinox is looking for a sustainable growth over the years. To accomplish this, the Swiss CEO analyses the market’s evolution and deploys the Brand in a constructive mode rather than seeking short-term shots. Do not hesitate to check the brand official website for more information about the Swiss bran as well as about all products categories.
Victorinox markets amazing products in 6 distinctive categories: Swiss Army knives, Cutlery, Travel gear, Timepieces, Fashion and Fragrances.

What can we expect from Victorinox in Brazil? Definitely more exclusive developments, new product creations and eventually new exclusive experiences that will invite you for a little Swiss escapade.



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