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Colognes Dior HommeChristian Dior or today La Maison Dior launched in 2004, three beautiful creations called La Collection des Colognes Dior Homme. We had Bois d’Argent, Cologne Blanche and Eau Noire. This last one became cult because we know it is the prefered of Hedi Slimane himself. So each Dior’s employee had a Eau Noir Candle at home. Religion is Religion.  At that time Dior called perhaps the 2 most talented perfumers under 40 years old : Annick Menardo and Francis Kurkdjian. What a dream team. Annick Menardo created a couple of years before one of the biggest olfactive Bombs of the last 10 years : Hypnotic Poison. And Francis Kurkdjian : Le Male Jean-Paul Gaultier. What a team! From this beautiful collaboration, were born 3 magnificient fragrances.

Francois_DemachyAmbre NuitToday, Dior called the inhouse perfumer, François Demachy (previously one of the Chanel’s perfumers moved to LVMH a few years ago) to accomplish the exquisite once again. Being a big fan of ambery notes, Ambre Nuit is more than an invitation, it is a call for pleasure. At first sight we could imagine that the word Ambre and Cologne would be incompatible, but here François Demachy proposes an elegant story : The Chic à la française… An intriguing oriental fragrance with a facet of a woody masculine Rose. And let’s notice that although the financial crisis, the perfumer used Ambre Gris, one of the most mysterious, sexy and intense scents in perfumery. 65,000 euros the kg also contributes to the rareness of such material. Very original although we might miss the edge of the first 3… but not so sure…  To now more, check the Brand website :
Mr Christian Dior said : “I became a perfumer so just by opening a flacon we might see emerge all my dresses and that each woman I dress will be able to leave behind her the trail of desire…” Well, Mr Dior we can say that your House is well kept.