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The fragrance Angel by Thierry Mugler is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. From 1992 (its launch) and 2012, it was a real adventure, going from an extravagant dream towards the establishment of a market leader. Let’s celebrate!

Thierry Mugler Angel 20th anniversary

Everybody is waiting to know what surprises the brand with the star is preparing. In the meantime, follow this timeline.

The Fragrance industry is by far one of the most dynamic segments of the luxury business. Each year, we identify more than 300 new fragrance launches in the world. After a period of 10 years, only 1 or 2 are still around. What makes the difference between a true creation that becomes timeless and a failure ? Probably the courage, the originality and the “convictions” a creator will place on it. And Angel by Thierry Mugler definitely  is part of these fragrances that changed the way perfumers were creating fragrances. There was a before-Angel and an after-Angel.

1992: Launch of Angel, the birth of a modern myth.

Angel eau de parfum

The beginning of the 90’s brought an end to the extravagances of the 80’s. The over-sexual fragrances, like Obsession by Calvin Klein, were done and a new trend for more spiritual fragrances took place. It was the era for Samsara by Guerlain, Tresor by Lancôme or L’Eau d’Issey by Miyake. The sensuality of the spirit instead of the sexiness of the body. Interesting times.

Then 1992 brought into the market the creation of Angel Eau de Parfum by Thierry Mugler. A totally anti-trend for the time. When Mr Mugler started the project of Angel, the challenge was bigger than usual. For him, life should always be surprising and extraordinary and for his fragrance he wanted something never saw, never imagined and above all never smelt! To support the creator, Clarins (the owner of the Mugler Fragrance development) trusted Ms Vera Strübi. We say often that behind a great man there is always a great woman. Here it is totally the case. She was the engine and the soul of the legend creation of Thierry Mugler Parfums. She wrote the name of Mugler in golden letters in the Fragrance industry history. The fragrance was created by Oliver Cresp, perfumer at that time at Quest International, one of the worldwide fragrance houses. She was supported by the creativity of Mr. Yves de Chiris, creative director at Quest and Fragrance Guru, who supported all this “path opening”.

Vera Strubi
Vera Strübi

Each point of the marketing mix was a “first time” in the fragrance industry. And only a creator such as Thierry Mugler could dare such an audacious project.

  • A blue fragrance? Never done, not possible? Still it is the color of Angel fragrance.
  • A star shaped crystal flacon? Never done, not possible? Still it is the Angel flacon.
  • A scent that reveals gustative notes inspired by the food market? Never done, not possible? Still it is the “Oriental Gourmand” fragrance of Angel.

The unlimited creativity of Mr. Mugler was reflected on the theatralization of his fashion shows, the daring of his outfits and the allure of the Mugler woman. Check this compilation about 1992 creations:

The Mugler woman: The power of femininity as modern amazones. It is said that a woman who wears a Mugler outfit gain power and feel free to express what they want. They were a great inspiration for the creation of Angel.

But Angel is not only a product, it is an universal strong symbol between simplicity and extreme sophistication, purity and deepness, innocence and subversion. It’s slogan: “Beware of Angels” – what a message!

Being part of the top fashion designers since end of the 70’s, it was obvious that the first advertising revealed one of the mythic top models of the Brand: Estelle Lefebure:


1992 – Angel Eau de Parfum
Model: Estelle Lefebure
Photographer: Thierry Mugler


1992 – 2006, the rising star

During the following 10 years, Angel was launched consequently in different countries with an outstanding position. Year after year, it climbed the stairs of success to become a market blockbuster. In France and Europe, Angel became the number one fragrance and, worldwide, reached the 100 million dollars business.

angel-1992-jerry-hall thierry mugler
1995 – Angel Eau de Parfum
Model: Jerry Hall
Photographer : Thierry Mugler



1998 – Angel Eau de Parfum
Model: Amy Wesson
Photographer: Thierry Mugler


2003 – Angel Eau de Parfum
Model: Ana Maria Cseh
Photographer: Thierry Mugler


2006 – Angel Eau de Parfum
Model: Bianca Balti
Photographer: Thierry Mugler


2007 – 2011: Established as a trendsetter among the stars

15 years after the launch of Angel, Thierry Mugler Parfums became a multi-national brand. In order to establish Angel on its worldwide leadership and to reconnect with the “stars”, the brand decided to move towards a celebrity spokesperson strategy… in the air of times.


2008 – Angel Eau de Parfum
Model: Naomi Watts
Photographer: Ali Mahdavi

Here, after several years of an under-statement strategy, the Brand has chosen in 2008 a world celebrity, Oscar nominee, Naomi Watts and started an outstanding media campaign. Press and TV mainly. The photographer Ali Mahdavi, who worked for Mugler in former times, was chosen for his passion about Glamor and his talent to sublime Women. Perfect coherence with the Thierry Mugler world.

3 years are the average time for a fragrance key visual. Then it is time for a change. After the Hitchcockian elegance of Naomi Watts, let’s welcome the latino sexiness of Eva Mendes in an amazing advertising. Again TV and Print were chosen.

2011 – Angel Eau de Parfum
Model: Eva Mendes
Photographer: Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin

This shot for the Eau de Parfum was a perfect introduction for a new amazing product, the Angel Eau de Toilette – A marvelous flacon on a outstanding fragrance with an amazing trail.

So, we can see when the starting idea of a creation is strong enough, it can challenge time. 20 years after its launch, Angel is still at the cutting edge of modern perfumery. Then, we are happy to celebrate such event and we wish another 20 years of success… at least.

Happy birthday Angel and thank you Mr Mugler to have dare to dream such creation.



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