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Hermès is a Luxury House that can be considered as a dream-maker. Every single product they create and craft has a strong artistic connection and some sort of modern poetry into it. Hermès is also very strong incoherence of universe. While spreading the brand universe towards new categories of products, you can be sure that you will immediately recognize the brand DNA in each individual product they market. This year (and I could personally say at last) Hermès is launching a fantastic nail polish collection and… it is really awesome!

Hermès New Nail Polish Collection: Brand self-expression.

It was just a matter of time that Hermès would be launching its nail polish collection. After the gorgeous launch of lipstick and blush last year, this new collection is the final touch of the Hermès woman look. The new nail polish collection contains 24 shades containing ultrafine, bio-sourced pigments and the best part: it only requires one coat to fit your nails with the perfect aspect. The Hermès collection also contains a base and top-coat, as well as hand care and tools like nail brushes reminding the brand’s equestrian heritage.

“For Hermès, the hands are like the face, because everything [in our métiers] is handmade

Agnès de Villers, CEO of Hermès Beauty and Fragrances

Why this collection of nail polish seems so “into-the-brand-DNA”? The way this project was built brought together the very best talents of the Maison Hermès. First things first: Colour! One thing that is crucial for a nail polish collection is colour. Hermès built a team of in-house colourists of leather and silk and this group of high-skilled artisans came up with the 24 shades of the collection. That is why these colours seem so connected with Hermès.

The second important point in a nail polish collection is the packaging. Nothing more beautiful and practical than a luxury nail polish packaging that was thought through to provide a great experience to women. Here again, Hermès took the support o Pierre Hardy, the house’s creative director of shoe, fine jewellery and haute bijouterie collections.

The color range was built by a collective including in-house colorists of leather and silk; Pierre Hardy, who assisted in package design; and longtime Hermès artistic director Pierre-Alexis Dumas.

What do Beauty Experts say?

The reveal of the Hermès nail-polish line was literally a beauty bomb in the press. Although everybody thinks it makes completely sense, there was for sure a surprise effect with the announcement. Here is what most of the beauty press says about it.

"Along with its silks, its Birkins, and its French ateliers that can custom-make nearly anything, the house of Hermès is famous for its enamel accessories. So it’s only logical that the next chapter in its beauty playbook, following the cult lipstick and blush launches of last year, would be a rich nail enamel."
- ELLE MAGAZINE - Bee Shapiro
"I'm a millennial who loves avocado toast, so that apparently means I'll probably never save enough to own a house, a car, let alone invest in classic accessories like a Hèrmes Birkin or Enamel Bracelet. However, the French fashion house's debut nail polish collection is so luxurious, wearing one is like having the Birkin of manicures". - INSTYLE - Erin Lukas
"Mains Hermès—a collection of lacquers, as well as care products and accessories—launches today, and here is the verdict you knew was coming: it’s even better than you imagined". - VOGUE - Celia Ellenberg
"Les Mains Hermès is a new collection featuring colourful enamels in 24 shades, a base coat, a top coat, reparative hand cream, nourishing cuticle oil, and hands down the chicest nail files ever made". - WALLPAPER - Mary Cleary
"The New Hermès Nail Collection Is an Object Lesson in Craft and Color. A year and a half after launching an impeccable line of lipsticks, the French house extends its finesse to the fingertips". - VANITY FAIR - Laura Regensdorf

Hermès collaborated with Desiree Mattsson, a well-known photographer for Vogue, Vanity Fair and other iconic titles. The imagery is outstanding and brings a beautiful display of the new nail line and shades. Ms Mattsson managed to capture the elegance and sexiness of the new nail line and showcase new modernity in terms of nail polish imagery.

Photo: ©DesireeMattsson
Photo: ©DesireeMattsson
Photo: ©DesireeMattsson
Photo: ©DesireeMattsson
Photo: ©DesireeMattsson

Why The Hermès Nail line And Hand Care Are Outstanding?

Hermès is one of the few luxury brands to remain truthful to its DNA and what makes luxury. The craftsmanship, the quality high above standards, the caring of details and a true commitment makes this new beauty collection the ultimate nail beauty line.

The colours are exactly what we would have expected from Hermès. We immediately recognize the brand’s iconic colours schemed we should also highlight the texture and formulas far above the market standards.

The packaging is exquisite and truthful to the Hermès design. It is the perfect object we would proudly exhibit in public transports, meeting rooms (LOL) and at home.

It is a timeless collection that, within the next 5 years, will still be on top of mind. Do not hesitate to connect to to learn more about the collection.

José Amorim
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