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Versace Profumi launches Versace Eros, a new fragrance for men. Although we are used to a certain baroque style from the italian brand, here the only thing we could say is: hopeless. It is typically the symbol of how bad the fragrance industry is right now.


In 1996, Versace launched The Dreamer, it made its entry into the fragrance industry with respect. In deed all the Versace universe was on it. Great name and great fragrance.


We all have in mind this specific juniper and tobacco note. Since then, many fragrances were launched  but a few remained. What Roberto Cavalli and Dolce Gabbana are successfully building in time, Versace is loosing it. As if since the death of the creator in 1997, it is a deadly fragrance path to no where.



With 500 new launches every year, the Fragrance industry is suffering as the more we do… the less it remains. Did you know that out of 10 fragrances launched in one year, only 1 or 2 are still on the market 5 years after? And as every single brand has the pressure of “Anniversarizing” the turnover, most of these brands need to launch at least one to 2 fragrances every year. How can we be creative all the time? Hard hard…


Here with Versace we have the exact example of this. The advertising, the name, the flacon and the fragrance have few interest and by the time you read these lines this product will probably be forgotten.

The advertising

As you can see here, we meet a sort of Ancient Greek hero in a very mythological context. 3 versions of the advertising and the one with the fuchsia swimsuit is by far our preferred… fiasco. Which man in 2013 can recognize himself there? This is too caricatural. We know that the 80’s are always trendy but we have the good 80’s and the bad 80’s. Here… I let you guess which one are we talking about. Saint-Laurent did this with Kouros, Chanel did it with Antaeus, Nikos with Sculpture, etc… in advertising I would call it a great example of anachronism.



If it was a summer edition of Versace man… probably it would be easier to explain. It would even be logical and coherent with the fashion collection SS2013. Here some chosen looks:

Versace SS2013 men


Versace SS2013 men 2



The Flacon


The Fragrance flacon is at least what we could say well done. Nothing new in the universe of Versace but a nice glass work. We find again the Medusa head, symbol of the house and the geometric shapes frame, also part of the Brand elements. Working the glass in such details are not easy and we can say that here the job is well done. Here below the details on the medusa head:




The Fragrance

The scent was created by Aurélien Guichard from Givaudan. There is a very mediterranean style on this fragrance as the citrus freshness wraps up the aromatic-green-woody structure. Less original than the concept itself as we would have expected from a fragrance called EROS to be more subversive. On the base notes we have a soft-warmth, probably from Amber and powdery notes that reveals a little sensuality. Nevertheless the fragrance is well balance despite the lack of originality. Roberto Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana have definitely the monopole of italian sexiness.


The Name

EROS in Greek mythology, was the Greek god of love. His Roman counterpart was Cupid(“desire”). Some myths make him a primordial god (no parents), while in other myths, he is the son of Aphrodite. It is a strong name as it can be said and read in different many languages. It brings us again 15 years ago as we had all the Kouros, Antaeus, Minotaure fragrances. It is though coherent with Versace universe.

As usual you will find it with 2 versions of flacons-spray: 50ML and 100ML, available from now on in all official Versace distributors.

A brand with such a creative universe, background and history, that waited 5 years to launch such a product deserves a better future and we are not sure for how long this future will still be possible. Ms. Donatella Versace needs to make changes.



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