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victorinox swiss unlimitedthis week I am revealing the unboxing of a fragrance for men called Victorinox Swiss Unlimited. It was created by the famous swiss company, Victorinox, the makers of the original Swiss Army Knife.  This fragrance has the swissness attitude. In deed, Victorinox took the best Switzerland can offer and put it into a fragrance. First of all, it reflects a new icon for the swiss brand. And as a new icon, it follows the 4 key values:

Victorinox Swiss Unlimited is swissmade and for that it has the best quality materials ever. The aim is to be outstanding with a longterm legitimacy.
Victorinox Swiss Unlimited is a focus on innovation. Victorinox got the International fragrance foundation prize. In 2010, it got the Original Technological Breakthrought of the year.
With the ON-OFF cap system and the rubber case, Victorinox Swiss Unlimited reveals a masculine functionality without loosing glamor!
For the past 127 years, Victorinox became iconic in the world thanks to its outstanding designed products. The Swiss Army pocket knife is an universal symbol that you can recognize everywhere. With its new fragrance, Victorinox captures the spirit of swiss design.

The fragrance reveals the swiss heritage thanks to Genepi liquor, Absinth and Silver fur. It represents a good blend of originality and reassuring masculinity. It was created in 2009 by the french perfumer called Jean-Christophe Herault with the help of swiss perfumer Christine Nagel.

victorinox swiss unlimitedConcerning the key visual, we can see the american top model Ned Shatzer. He has a unusual look, as gentle as powerful, as elegant as raw… It was the first time the brand has a spokesperson on an advertising. The photographer was Liz Collins. She is a London-based fashion photographer, who studied at the University of Surrey under leading documentary photographers including Martin Parr. Since graduating, she has worked on numerous editorial features at high-profile publications such as Italian Vogue, Vogue Nippon, Vogues Hommes International, Pop and Numéro. She was the perfect photographer for this special photo as she succeeded to capture the energy behind the concept.

Discover now the video of my unboxing. Do not hesitate to have a look and let me know what do you think.

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