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JM Weston launched Le Moc last year and since then it is a true success for the French luxury house and becomes a new icon. JM Weston invented in 1946 one of the most iconic men’s shoes of all: the Mocassin or Penny Loafer. The famous model n.180 became an icon of masculine elegance throughout the years. Now JM Weston dares to reinvent the Mocassin by launching the MOC, a flexible, essential version of the 180. The interior buttresses disappeared, the leather skins are carefully chosen for their flexibility and their maintenance, assembly is carefully achieved through expertise always perfected. It is a story about comfort and absolute lightness, an inimitable look in keeping clean the lines of moccasin 180. Welcome to the mocassin 2.0. JM Weston is renewing the brand and the different territories. While the male collections are the stars of the brand, the female collections are edgy, elegant and showcase a strong femininity with a contemporary style. Since the sixties, women have found their happiness among JM Weston shoes.


It was always this idea to take something masculine and re-use it in a feminine way. So women from all horizons have stolen the mocassin to bring a certain casualness to their looks. The following decades saw the rise of a more active woman, leading her private life with the same intensity as their career. Fashion and accessories needed to adapt to this more dynamic lifestyle, so high wheels were not necessary the only ideal shoes. Brands started developing a more active and casual fashion. It was the rise of Prêt-à-Porter and the “Sur-Mesure”. This Spring, JM Weston launched Le Moc for women. Faithful to the original spirit of Le Moc, the female version kept the same construction and attachment to details.

JM-Weston-Le-Moc-femme-citron JM-Weston-Le-Moc-femme-creme JM-Weston-Le-Moc-femme-gris-innocence  JM-Weston-Le-Moc-femme-noir-panthere JM-Weston-Le-Moc-femme-vert-celadon

Amazing, fresh and vibrant colors for a stylish summer. JM Weston is for sure the symbol of a certain idea of the French luxury. More than French, it is also an idea of the Parisian elegance. So yes, the JM Weston woman is Parisian. She has this “je ne sais quoi” that makes all the difference. This is what Le Moc spreads its wings to give complete power to summer style and elegance. The inner stiffeners have disappeared, the leather skins have been rigorously chosen for their suppleness and support, the structure has been carefully crafted thanks to ever – perfected expertise . The shoe is reduced to the essential, offering a comfortable, lightweight feel and an inimitable look.





This year was also the year in which JM Weston launched its homage to Yves Klein. He is one of the major artists of the late 20th Century, was also a philosopher of a unique kind, an unusual spirit determined to push back the boundaries of art as it existed at the time. He sought to capture an invisible beauty, while also representing a new way of living as a committed artist.The unique vision of a man at the cutting edge of his time echoes the philosophy of J.M. Weston, a legendary house upholding the values of creativity, accomplishment and eternity. You can read our full review here.

So women also had the right to get their Le Moc Yves Klein. The depth of Klein Blue creates an in nite space into which Le Moc’ steps with its easy, free pace. Le Moc’ takes on the exact shade of the International Klein Blue to create a timeless hommage, crafted according to the nest J.M. Weston savoir-faire.


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This summer, every woman can have a stylish and original look thanks to Le Moc by JM Weston. Color up your summer and get filled with good humor and vibes.

José Amorim

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