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Color is a big theme for luxury handbags since last fall. Color blocking went all over the place and some brands like Prada definitely became the ambassador for color blocking. Now that Spring is coming, most of the main leather accessories brands presented their new collections. OMG, OMG, they are horrible. They all look 80’s style and we have the feeling that Brigitte Nielsen is coming back!

OK, Spring is a good time for using vivid colors but this season, the ugly club is out! Let me guide you through a small tour.

DIOR: It would be great… 20 years ago.


The brands introduces a collaboration with the artist Anselm Reyle. He is a german artist, based in Berlin. He is known for his often large-scale abstract paintings and found-object sculptures. But here the bag collection presented is really not very elegant and some quite bad taste. The Brigitte Nielsen attitude.


GUCCI – Even older, back to the 70’s (the bad one).


Gucci proposes a mono-color collection. Gold and leather green… hummmm. Run, run… According to the brand you can find inside cell phone and PDA pockets. Well we can see that if this bag was a real 2012 bag, you would find only one pocket for a SMARTPHONE.


BOTTEGA VENETA – Why not… but why?


The beautiful brand presented its Cruise collection for Spring. OMG, either they are targeting the pinky cheesy chinese customer or I really wonder how they manage to make leather look like plastic (look to the handles). Barbie girl in a Barbie world.


LOUIS VUITTON – Marie-Antoinette cupcakes…


The very respectful brand LV worked with Sophia Copolla in order to create the Monogram Flore collection. Well, it is not great. Some of the bags look like cupcakes in Copolla’s Marie-Antoinette. Not great even though I understand the inspiration.


HERMES – It saves the day!


With Hermès, there is nothing really new and exciting but at least they propose a colorful collection with style. Ok, very classical but at least I can imagine Spring in Portofino or Sardinia.

As you can see, Spring becomes totally overrated on Cruises collection. We can see that Chinese taste for colors and shapes are dominating as probably they will be the ones purchasing them. But then, where is the creation part in these more and more tactical collections? What about good taste?  Frankly, with quite aggressive prices (around 4,000$) and not a great creative inspiration, brands are not showing themselves on their best days this season. Let’s hope that Fall will raise the level up. Disappointing.


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image: Photostock